Where To Buy Hash Near Me

Do you want to get your hands on some high-quality hashes? Hash, more commonly referred to as hashish, is a cannabis extract that is made by separating the resin from the buds of the cannabis plant. Much like the products in the cannabis industry, there are a large variety of different variations you can buy hash which include BHO, rosin, and ... More


Grape Bubba Strain Review

Are you trying to get your hands on some of this bulbous grape kush masterpiece? If you aren't familiar with normal botanical terms, a "strain" is usually referred to as offspring from certain kinds of plants. However, as of recently the use of this term has been let go of considerably.   How Are Strains Named? In the world of ... More


Trophy Wife Strain Review

Are you looking to get this delicious marijuana strain that has super medicinal effects? The word Strain has been used for many centuries when referencing plants in terms of botany. However, as of recently, the use of the word for such reasons has dwindled down to almost nothing.   How are Cannabis Strains Differentiated? When ... More


NYC Diesel Strain Review

A landrace is a pure cannabis strain that was never crossbred with any other. Landrace strains are therefore the parents of many of today’s best strains. Now, what do you get when you put two pure landraces together? There are too many possibilities to name, but we can safely bet at least a few of them will be award-winning. This Diesel ... More


Durban Poison Strain Review

Durban Poison is a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain named after the South African port city that it originated in. Durban poison is an award-winning Sativa strain that’s highly prized for its unique citrus flavor with a bit of spicy hashish. Since the 1970s, this marijuana has been on sale. It has an earthy smell, with notes of spicy citrus ... More


Best CBD Drinks

CBD is one of the most recognized health ingredients in the supplement market. Today, the best CBD drinks are on track to become one of the most consumable hemp-derived products. The best CBD drinks come in the form of CBD-infused sparkling water, tea, coffee, kombucha, and energy drink.   CBD is one of the two most prevalent ... More


Shatter vs Wax: What are the Differences

Concentrates like shatter and wax are fast becoming best sellers in the cannabis industry and may even surpass the sale of marijuana flowers in the coming years. As more consumers of legal age try cannabis concentrates, the question arises: "What are the differences between shatter and wax?" Before answering that question, it is crucial to ... More


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Sunset MAC Strain Review

Sunset MAC is an incredibly popular cannabis strain that a lot of people use for pain relief, general relaxation, and sleep problems. But users also find that it is mellow enough to allow them to enjoy normal recreational activities and socializing at the same time. Sunset MAC is so popular that it's almost become a generic term for any ... More

CBD-infused beer

The 411 on CBD-Infused Beer

Is CBD-infused beer the next big thing? It just might be. A range of new CBD infusions have been hitting the market in recent years thanks to changing legislation and new research into the benefits of cannabidiol. Although many people use CBD to address specific health conditions, CBD is also popular for recreational use, which is part of ... More