Trophy Wife Strain Review

Are you looking to get this delicious marijuana strain that has super medicinal effects?

The word Strain has been used for many centuries when referencing plants in terms of botany. However, as of recently, the use of the word for such reasons has dwindled down to almost nothing.


How are Cannabis Strains Differentiated?

When the word strain is used in association with any reference to cannabis, it usually can be defined as “Variety” or “Cultivar”. All the cannabis consumers across the world differentiate between all the various strains of cannabis, based on the individual strain’s flavor, aroma, the lineage of the cannabis strain in question meaning whether the genetics of the strain are derived from indica strain cannabis plants or sativa strain cannabis plant, the appearance and shape of the cannabis strain, its chemical composition, the effects it induces upon consumption, and some other similar strain-related information.


A Misconception People Have About Cannabis Strains

There is a common misconception cannabis users often have about cannabis strains, and it is the fact that they think that a strain gets given a name based on the effects it induces. However, this is wrong as a strain that’s name sounds like it would provide a strong high and put you in a couch-locked state could very well only slightly lighten your mood and give you a lot of energy to perform all the tasks you have to do for the day.


The Trophy Wife Strain

This strain of cannabis is enjoyed by many users who are looking to not get high but still receive the medical benefits of cannabis, as this strain is famed for having a relatively low THC content. THC is the chemical compound usually known to produce the psychoactive effects that people often tend to associate with cannabis. The trophy wife strain also comes with a sweet cherry aroma and has a terpene profile of cheese and skunk notes.


Who the Strain “Trophy Wife” is For?

This strain isn’t aimed towards those cannabis users whose sole aim is to get as high as possible, instead, it’s more geared towards those users who are seeking relief from cannabis consumption. If you have never tried a hybrid strain with a low THC content and a high CBD content, you should buy trophy wife in order to change the way you perceive such strains.


The Trophy Wife Strain’s Genetics

The trophy wife hemp strain is a hybrid strain and it is made with equal ratios of the Cherry Wine strain and the Wife strain. If you are wondering what’s the indica and sativa composition of the strain, 50% indica and 50% sativa are the answers you are looking for. This strain is, thus, evenly balanced in terms of the hemp strains it is derived from and is evenly balanced in terms of its indica and sativa content.


The Immediate Effects of the Trophy Wife Hemp Strain 

The potency of this isn’t considered to be as high as some other strains, due to it mainly being composed of CBD rather than THC. Once you begin smoking it, you can expect to feel the calming sensation of the high CBD content only a few minutes after you’ve exhaled.


The Cherry Wine Strain

This strain is one of the derivatives of the strain trophy wife and is far less potent than what hemp users would normally desire. The high levels of CBD make the strain less potent but also help to make the strain medically useful as it can treat things such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. After the consumption of this hemp strain, you are sure to have mental clarity.


The Wife Strain

The wife, the other hemp strain responsible for creating the strain trophy wife, is found to have a portion of CBD to THC that is equivalent to twenty to one, meaning for every twenty parts of CBD it contains, it also has one part of THC. This strain is also not the one that avid users of cannabis, who use hemp with the intent of getting high, would want to use. The high concentration of CBD in this strain is known to also have medicinal benefits such as treating inflammation, more specifically epilepsy inflammation, and relief from nausea.


Higher THC Content Strains

If you are looking for some higher potency, then there are a lot of marijuana strains out there that have a higher THC concentration with the same flavorful tastes as the trophy wife.


The Trophy Wife Strain’s Yield Quality

The trophy wife strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, each with its own techniques to be used for the trophy wife’s cultivation. Though this marijuana strain won’t produce a pungent smell like many other strains out there, however, you should accept the fact that the aroma wouldn’t exactly be called sweet either.


Marijuana strains such as the White Widow create a very pungent smell which is often very difficult to conceal unless the strain is cultivated indoors along with a high-end ventilation system.


You can expect a higher yield quality of trophy wife if you cultivate the strain under proper conditions and temperatures. The temperature is very important in the process of growing trophy wife as a higher or lower temperature could both affect the yield of the strain. If you originally began cultivating the strain in a hotter climate, then that specific strain would require hotter temperatures during the entire cultivation process, in comparison to a strain that began its cultivation in a more moderate climate.


The Great Medical Qualities of Trophy Wife

Before we make mention of all the great medical qualities that trophy wife provides its users we have to disclose that we do not provide professional medical advice to any valid medical marijuana patient. If you happen to be a valid medical marijuana patient and are seeking professional medical advice, we highly recommend getting in touch with your doctor or physician.


Cannabis has been used for the treatment of various forms of pain and illnesses, relating to both your mind and your body, for several decades. People often find themselves consuming cannabis for the sole purpose of pain relief.


A few of the conditions that the trophy wife strain is known to treat for both your mind and your body are chronic pain such as arthritis or migraine, epilepsy inflammation, seizures, nausea, and anxiety.


With its long-lasting effects, it can help with pain relief from your body for quite a while. Another benefit of the long-lasting effects is that it will stimulate both your body and mind and thus, will also help treat autism and other conditions of the sort. However, if you are using the strain medically in order to treat autism, we highly recommend you seek out professional medical guidance beforehand.


With all the benefits of the trophy wife strain, there is one slight downside you will have to accept when using it, which is that it will give you a dry mouth if you smoke it too often. However, the dry mouth side effect can easily be cured by simply drinking a few glasses of water so choosing to accept the downside isn’t too bad of an idea.


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