NYC Diesel Strain Review

A landrace is a pure cannabis strain that was never crossbred with any other. Landrace strains are therefore the parents of many of today’s best strains. Now, what do you get when you put two pure landraces together? There are too many possibilities to name, but we can safely bet at least a few of them will be award-winning. This Diesel strain from the Big Apple is one.

NYC Diesel Strain is a coming together of the famed Sour Diesel, and Afghani and Mexican landraces. When we say “award-winning,” we mean this strain is extremely medal-worthy. The judges in the Cannabis Cups of the early 2000s certainly thought so, too, and gave it first-place three times, in 2001, in 2003, and 2004.

So is this hybrid really worth the hype? That’s for you to decide, with some help from this comprehensive review, and maybe a couple of hits from a joint filled with its buds afterward.



The NYC Diesel is a strain that’s grown by Soma Seeds. According to their website, a friend from New York with “dreads down to the ground” gave Soma the seeds, saying it was the best pot he’s ever smoked. After making some improvements to the quality, Soma made the strain the champion quality as we know it today.

NYC Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid with very low CBD and a THC content that tests as high as 21%. Smokers might really want to make sure to prep for a hefty high before going at it.



One word: beautiful. The NYC Diesel is characterized by flamboyant buds with splashes of blue, purple, and yellow. The flowers have an inviting olive green color, with a sheet of crystal trichomes and amber pistils that will get your fingers pleasantly sticky.


Fragrance and Flavor

The NYC Diesel strain has a uniquely distinctive scent reminiscent of exotic ripe red grapes with an equal tone of citrus that will fill the whole room where a jar of it is open.

Taste-wise, NYC Diesel is not very much different. As soon as you take a hit, you get a flavor of the same grapey citrus, complemented by a gentle diesel note, thanks to its legendary “father” strain. The flavor slowly turns into a sweet mix of herb and spice within a few seconds.



The NYC Diesel strain is the perfect pick-me-up for those who are feeling sluggish in their morning routine. The psychoactive agents of this strain will stimulate your brain, making it easier to focus and be more productive throughout the day. If that’s not enough, it will get you feeling all sorts of happy for hours on end.

It’s also a great choice of strain for when you are normally awkward with crowds and you need some socializing boost. It strips a person off their inhibitions, relaxing the mind so it’s easier to interact with others. You’ll find yourself talking and laughing with everyone at almost anything… and most probably with a bag of munchies in your hands!

Those with anxiety can smoke the NYC Diesel with confidence since this hybrid isn’t known to cause paranoia like other strains. Since it’s incredibly uplifting, patients who suffer from depression and similar illnesses can do well taking up the strain to improve their moods and forget about their worries.

Physical woes like chronic pain and headaches are also given a run for their money with just a few puffs of this energizing strain.

As is typical with most sativas, the NYC Diesel brings about a surge of creative energy and mental stimulation so you better make sure to have pens and papers, art brushes and sketchbooks, or just about anything within reach for you to spill your ideas on.


Here’s What We Think

The NYC Diesel weed has earned a reputation for being a highly sought after strain, and we think it’s well-deserved. It has a stellar look, aroma, and taste that are given justice to by the euphoric high it causes. If everyone had this strain for a wake and bake session, the world would probably be a better place, at least for a few hours.


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