Product & Sample Deliveries


Factoria Delivery Hours: Monday – Friday  7:30am – 2:30pm

BelRed Delivery Hours : Monday – Friday  8am – 3pm

  • Invoices must be sent to the purchasing team account manager at least 24 hours before delivery. 48 hours notice is preferred for a fluid and successful relationship.
  • After an order has been placed the vendor is expected to schedule a date and time of delivery for each store using our web-based Delivery Scheduling Calendar Portal (web links are located at the bottom of any email from the buying team). Sending an invoice but not scheduling a delivery will result in the delivery being rejected.
  • Third-party transport services are required to book appointments and communicate any deviations in the schedule to our stores, in place of the vendor.
  • Deliveries must be accompanied by physical copies of the testing results and all other applicable documents as specified by the LCB.
  • We reserve the right to reject a delivery or line item for any issues which need correction including but not limited to: failure to book a delivery slot, failure to provide the invoice ahead of delivery, mislabeled product, incorrect pricing, non-compliant labeling/packaging, or a driver being excessively late.
  • If product barcodes do not scan they will be rejected on the spot.
  • If an order is rejected, we ask that the vendor correct the issues and reschedule through our scheduling portal at their earliest convenience. Vendors can also reschedule directly with the inventory manager at that location.
  • Good communication solves all problems. Please communicate with the inventory manager at each location as you experience delays and shifts to delivery timelines. 


Hours for vendor sample delivery – Tuesday through Thursday 10am – 3pm

  • Samples will be rejected if delivered outside of these hours. All samples must be labeled as ‘Vendor Samples’ in traceability, manifested properly to the correct location in which the drop off is occurring, and with all required LCB regulatory information.
  • Sample feedback can take 2 to 4 weeks.