Sunset MAC Strain Review

Sunset MAC is an incredibly popular cannabis strain that a lot of people use for pain relief, general relaxation, and sleep problems. But users also find that it is mellow enough to allow them to enjoy normal recreational activities and socializing at the same time. Sunset MAC is so popular that it’s almost become a generic term for any strain with similar characteristics.


Sunset Mac is also one of the cannabis strains most often recommended as a treatment for various chronic pain conditions, including back and neck problems, migraines, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. And while Sunset Mac has not been specifically tested in clinical trials, individual patients have reported remarkable success treating their symptoms.


Additionally, Sunset MAC is known to be quite relaxing. However, users need not worry about drowsiness or lethargy; this variety of cannabis stays clear-headed and active. That makes it perfect for dealing with pain but still allowing you to do normal activities.


The strain is created by crossing Alien Cookies with Columbian Starfighter and Sunset Sherbert. It is an indica-leaning strain, so it is good for evening or nighttime use. Indica is known for its muscle-relaxing properties, so it is frequently the preferred choice for dealing with chronic pain conditions and spasms.


Sunset MAC has a sweet/fruity flavor which users say makes it great for smoking and vaporization, as well as cooking or baking. Its aroma isn’t overpowering but it might smell like a skunk to some people – especially if they haven’t taken cannabis before. 


The average THC levels in Sunset MAC are around 28%, so it is a relatively mild head high with a strong body high. 


The Sunset MAC strain produces large nugs with a light green color. Compared to a lot of other strains on the market, it looks quite dull at first glance. It is relatively light in color with a slight purple tint. However, this fairly dull appearance is not a reflection of the smell and flavor. 


Sunset MAC is one of the most potent smelling strains on the market, and it has the taste to match. The smell is something close to honey mixed with a distinct skunk odor. Users describe the taste as being something like peach yogurt with a honey aftertaste. 


As a strong indica strain, Sunset MAC is perfect for muscle tension, inflammation, and muscle cramps. However, the high is very different from a lot of other indica strains you might find. It produces a very wired high that keeps the mind active, while also giving you powerful analgesic effects. This makes it the perfect strain for use at any time of the day, whether you are smoking throughout the day or in the evening before bed. 


A lot of people find that it has a very cerebral effect too, sparking creativity and innovation. This is quite rare for a strain that also offers a strong body high. If you are looking for something that gives the best of both worlds, the Sunset MAC strain is ideal. 


Some users may notice side effects when smoking the Sunset MAC strain but these tend to be very mild. Cottonmouth and red eyes are relatively common and, in some cases, users may experience paranoia at high doses. 


When smoking the Sunset MAC strain, the high comes on very quickly and you are likely to feel a head high in no time at all. It lasts for around 90 minutes after you have smoked before you start to come back down. However, if you reached for another hit after 30 to 40 minutes, it wouldn’t be overpowering. If you are not that experienced with smoking, too much can cause paranoia but experienced smokers will be fine. 


If you don’t want to smoke the Sunset Mac strain of cannabis, you can vaporize it instead. You will get some of the same effects as smoking it but most users prefer smoking because they say that vaporizing doesn’t give quite as much of a high. However, some users do prefer using a vaporizer.


Sunset MAC is available as seeds and it can also be grown through various methods including indoors or outdoors. It will take around 8 to 9 weeks to flower so you should try growing your own. Some growers have reported that their plants seem a little wilted during the first week of flowering but then they grow back into healthy-looking specimens before harvest time.


The plant grows fairly tall with long branches which means that side branching is quite common. So if you are planning on having several multiple colas, you might find yourself disappointed because the plant does well in yielding large buds instead of an abundance of small ones. 


Outdoors the Sunset Mac strain will grow best in warm Mediterranean regions and it is a relatively short-lived plant. It isn’t the most potent strain when it comes to yields, but you will still have enough for a few good crops each year if you are growing more than one. 


You can find the Sunset MAC strain of cannabis on the majority of dispensary menus in states where medical marijuana is legal. In some cases, you will have trouble finding it but asking around should help as there are a few dispensaries dedicated to carrying Sunset products. You can also find it online from Green-Theory if you can’t buy it locally. 


Sunset MAC has earned its place as one of the most popular indica-leaning strains out there because it is unlike other similar strains on the market. People love indica because it gives you that great body high, but it has the couch-lock effect that puts a lot of people off. However, Sunset MAC gives you the same analgesic effects and intense body high while also being very active. Users find that they can still engage socially and remain active on this strain, which is quite rare for an indica-leaning smoke. 


It’s also an incredibly tasty and attractive-looking bud. If you are in the market for a great new indica-leaning option, the Sunset MAC strain is perfect. Why not give it a try today?