Vape Safety

In the news recently there have been stories of people reporting illness in connection with vaping. Much of this can be correlated to the consumption of unregulated, back market vaping products. This is a developing story and we have little information other than what’s been in the news and posted by the various government entities.

While it is true that no food, drink, or smoke-able product can guarantee 100% safety for all consumers, rest assured that Washington State has a strictly enforced testing process.  This testing policy is designed to prevent contamination and applies to all marijuana products sold in state licensed stores, including all oils used for vaping.

The Washington State regulations mandate testing for a variety of contaminants such as residual solvents, heavy metals, and non cannabis derived terpenes.  No product with more than 5000 parts per million of residual solvents can be sold in Washington State. Green Theory, we hold our products to an even higher standard of no more than 500 parts per million of residual solvents which is 10 times more strict than the state’s requirements.

Black market products which are common in most states have no testing requirements.  This is why we at Green Theory believe that the solution to contaminated products that make people sick is full legalization at the national level, with an appropriate regulatory regime.

We will continue to diligently monitor information as it becomes available and do our utmost to keep you as informed as possible.  We are always glad to have conversations with our customers on any related topic but hope you understand that in this case, our knowledge is limited and urge you all to ask questions and make smart personal decisions.

For your convenience, we have compiled statements and information on our specific vape brands below.