Grape Bubba Strain Review

Are you trying to get your hands on some of this bulbous grape kush masterpiece?

If you aren’t familiar with normal botanical terms, a “strain” is usually referred to as offspring from certain kinds of plants. However, as of recently the use of this term has been let go of considerably.


How Are Strains Named?

In the world of cannabis, the word strain is used interchangeably with other words such as “Cultivar” and “Variety”. A lot of marijuana consumers would possibly define a strain by various factors which include the likes of its smell, flavor, its cannabis plant lineage which means whether its divine genetics are derived from indica strains or sativa strains, the appearance of the strain, its chemical compounds, the effects it induces, and some other strain information.


A Misconception Regarding Strains

A common misconception is that consumers expect the growers to name the strain in relation to its effects, however, this isn’t always the case as the buds could sound like they provide a sedative high which would put you in a couch-lock state, but instead, after you smoke the buds you could be listening to your favourite tunes on a sunny afternoon, with a long day of energy-filled fun ahead.


The Grape Bubba Strain

One of the most popular strains for reducing light depression, as well as, providing the user with its fruitful and sweet grape aroma and flavors, by way of its divine genetics.


Bubba Kush and Purple Urkle

It is an indica strain that was formed by combining two kush strains with each other. Specifically, it is made from the bubba kush strain and the purple urkle strain. Both of these strains, especially the bubba kush, originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range. The flavors and aromas of the strains that originate from the Hindu Kush are known to be sweet, with this being quite apparent in the strain, Grape Bubba. The purple urkle in the grape bubba strain provides the purple hues which are quite apparent in the Grape Bubba, as well.


The Welcoming Sweet Grape Aroma and Effects of the Strain “Grape Bubba” 

The grape bubba has a welcoming sweet grape aroma, as expected from its two Hindu Kush derivatives, and provides its user with a sedative high that is known to reduce depression. The grape bubba is known to put its users in a stony haze.


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