HIGHest End Store

Our friends at Higher Ground TV provided video coverage at our last Green-Elite event, and named Green-Theory the HIGH-est end Marijuana store in world. Watch the video below! Excerpt from their site: " Though cannabis is constantly in the news, very few people have actually been inside a legal recreational store. We went to Green-The... More

Visiting Tera Martin of Bellevue's Green Theory

Tera Martin 1-on-1

DList Magazine's interview with Green-Theory's general manager Tera Martin published in the 2015 June issue. If you could define the "Green-Theory", how would you describe it? TERA MARTIN: Who is Green-Theory: Green: is fresh, new, supporting environmentalism, tend to preserve environmental quality, lush, leafy, ... More

Green Theory VIP Event

VIP Event Review

Review: Green-Theory Green-Elite VIP Event You walk up, and the bouncer asks if you name is on the list.  It is.  Doors open, it’s crowded and the pulse of music lays a background against the roar of conversation.  A tray of artisan appetizers passes by, and everything just smells like amazing weed. Before the big event. Green-Theory ... More

Tera Martin of Green Theory

High Five Interview

Tera Martin is the general manager of Green-Theory. Not only has she taken on the responsibility of managing the popular Green-Theory,  but she also has taken on the fight against breast cancer using a treatment using high CBD cannabis. We would like to thank this general manager for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer ... More

Green Theory Feature Story

Good Vibes & Service

Green Theory dispenses good vibes and service I-502 was an initiative on the Washington State ballot for the legalization of recreational marijuana. In July of 2014, the first batch of retail licenses were sold, and on October 6, Green Theory opened up in Bellevue. Located near the intersection of Main Street and 106th Ave., Green ... More

Green Theory Bellevue Pot Shop

425 Magazine

Inside a new Bellevue cannabis shop On Main Street, just a few blocks north of Old Bellevue’s string of cute boutiques and quaint coffee shops, is the city’s first recreational cannabis store, Green-Theory. Monday through Sunday, anyone over the age of 21 can walk in and purchase up to 1 ounce of dried marijuana, among other cannabis ... More