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Review: Green-Theory Green-Elite VIP Event

You walk up, and the bouncer asks if you name is on the list.  It is.  Doors open, it’s crowded and the pulse of music lays a background against the roar of conversation.  A tray of artisan appetizers passes by, and everything just smells like amazing weed.

Before the big event. Green-Theory team with vendors.Before the big event. Green-Theory team with vendors.
DJ Kryspin providing the sounds

No, it’s not the club – it’s Green-Theory’s Green-Elite VIP event.  The Bellevue marijuana boutique offers frequent get-togethers for it’s Green-Elite members in which various vendors (spanning flowers, concentrates, and edibles) have “meet and greet” booths.  There’s a DJ (DJ Kryspin), complimentary hors d’oeuvres, and abundant savings on recreational marijuana.

Green-Elite Green-Theory VIP Event PartyGetting VIP discounts on purchases

“Savings?” you say?  It all starts with popping by Green-Theory to become a Green-Elite member, as you can only register in-store.  This loyalty program turns your purchases into rewards: buying earns points, points earn prizes.  The more you shop at Green-Theory, the more you get back.
When I attended the May 7th Green-Elite VIP Event there was a 20% discount on all vendor products, and triple reward points for all purchases during the event.  Incentive, much?

Colorful & fun packaging from Phat PandaColorful & fun packaging from Phat Panda
The Goodship CompanyCookie tasting from The Goodship Company
The Goodship Company posterBeautiful silk-screened poster on wood by The Goodship Company
The Liberty Reach CrewThe Liberty Reach Crew
Snacks anyone?

Vendors included: Avitas AgPhat PandaDawg Star CannabisLiberty ReachmyWeedBunnyThe Goodship CompanyZootsSmoke Emporium and Dope Magazine.

High Above Seattle visited all the booths, and there were many tantalizing products.  Each vendor brought a different feel to the event, and the casual environment allows for a mutually beneficial engagement between the producer, the shop and the Green-Elite member.

Avitas Agriculture cannabis jointsAvitas Agriculture cannabis joints
Zoots and Zootrocks at Bellevue Green-TheoryZoots and their edibles
Avitas AgricultureAvitas Agriculture representing.
Dawg Star throwing the ShakaDawg Star throwing down the Shaka
Phat PandaPhat Panda in the house.
DJ Kryspin w/ friendsDJ Kryspin w/ friends
The Smoke Emporium crewThe Smoke Emporium crew
Team Zoots w/ ZootRocksTeam Zoots
It all seems a bit surreal, but then again so is the commercialization of marijuana.  As someone who “consumed illegally” until I moved to the state of Washington, recreational shops are still an awe inspiring thing.  When combined with the hurdles of the black market and gouging taxes, shops like Green-Theory rise above and create an atmosphere in which their customers keep coming back.

We walked out of there with some cookies from The Goodship Company, and a Juju Joint from Liberty Reach.  Truly if I had the resources, I’d sample product from every booth.  All in good time, though.

Get-togethers like this help strengthen the recreational marijuana initiative, and it’s easy to see how these events are a step away from becoming what you’d envision a marijuana lounge like.  Truly the only thing missing is the ability to sample the product, but hopefully that’s a reality not too far off.

Swing by Green-Theory to procure some potent product, and sign up for the Green-Elite program to attend exciting events and get offers exclusive to members only.

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By Fischer Campbell

Fischer Campbell is a marijuana review writer for High Above Seattle. His sole purpose and quest is to seek out the perfect strain of local cannabis and follow it up with the perfect weed review.