Your Nearly Complete Last Minute Weed Gift Guide

Still scrambling for last minute gifts? We feel you! The holiday season is always jam-packed with the unexpected, and sometimes it’s all too easy to find yourself falling behind. Never fear! Kirkland and Bellevue’s best weed shops have you covered. Here is a list of a few of our favorite things to give that special 420-friendly someone this year.

For the Newbie

We’ve all been there. Picking up something new can feel overwhelming, and many people have no idea where to start. Start someone’s marijuana journey off right with our Happy Holidaze Bud Kit. Each kit has a lighter, a pipe, a grinder. Plus each package has a gram of Flower, a one gram Pre-Roll, and a ten milligram edible. It’s a great way to get started and try a little bit of almost everything.

For the Discreet Consumer

Even going on five years of legalization, not everyone wants to announce their cannabis consumption to all and sundry. At Higher Leaf, you can find just the right thing for your close-to-the-vest friend whether it be an edible, an oil cartridge, a tincture, or a topical. We’ve got everything you could want. Stop in to get a recommendation from one of our friendly budtenders to get matched with the very best gift possible.

For Someone Who Wants a New Experience

There are so many different ways to enjoy cannabis. We know it can be hard to choose just one, but leaping into something completely different can be difficult. Maybe you know someone who wants to get their dab on, but isn’t sure how to start? We’ve got the kit for you! Pick up a Beginner Dab Pen Kit for the mary jane adventurer in your life. Each kit comes with an Evolve Vaporizer Pen with one gram of concentrate, a non-stick silicone container, and a dab tool.

For the Bong & Pipe Aficionado

Maybe you’ve got a friend who loves weed but has tried everything under the sun. What better way to make their day than with a tried and true strain and some new glass? Whether their spirit animal is a scorpion or an elephant, we’ve likely got the bong or pipe to match. Come in today to browse our selection and come away with a gift that’s sure to help them ring in a blazing new year.

Even if you need something on the day-of (for yourself or someone else), we’re here for you! Both of our Bellevue and Kirkland locations are open every day this month (and all year long) from 9am to 11pm. We have $5 grams every day and offer price matching on regularly priced items. We can’t wait to see you!