What Is A Recreational Dispensary?

As the legality of recreational cannabis use is now becoming more open, approved, and a pursuit that many states and countries are actively chasing, this opens up an amazing new world of access to the best cannabis products and the dispensaries that sell them.

Of course, while growing cannabis at home is legal (with certain plant restrictions) in some places, if you hope to get the best cannabis products (as well as their varieties such as tinctures, CBD products, oils, and popcorn buds), then it’s important to know where to buy from.

A recreational dispensary may be the perfect choice for you, especially if you can build a relationship with them and use such a business for all your needs. Most dispensaries are small businesses trying to get ahead by promoting great and nourishing products to their audience, and so it’s a good idea to focus on those entities that deserve your support.

What is a recreational dispensary?

A recreational dispensary is a dispensary that sells cannabis products, namely a firm licensed to sell these to people outside of simply medicinal need. For this reason, they have the chance to open up their cannabis products to a wider audience, and sometimes, provide goods that you may not be able to access from purely medicinal brands.

In other words, recreational dispensaries are great fun. That said, they’re in no way less caring about the quality and value of the products they sell. They will also be keen to follow the correct legal procedure, including making sure you are the right age for purchasing their products.

Where do you find them?

There are many online and brick-and-mortar dispensaries out there! Many of them are good, but it’s best to be discerning in which dispensary you hope to use.

We would recommend services like Higher Leaf. Not only have they proven themselves to be capable when considering and implementing their Covid-19 policies, but they have both online ordering and two Pot Shops (in both Kirkland and Bellevue WA) to ensure your first experience can be positive no matter if you prefer to have that online or in person.

You can read through their glowing reviews on both Google and Yelp, as well as sign up for their newsletter to see which products they have in stock and other advice worth knowing. Furthermore, frequent flyer cards mean you could save plenty of cash returning to them for repeat purchases.

No matter if you’re totally new to consuming cannabis products or you’re a seasoned veteran, be sure to give them a call to see what your options may be. They’re happy to comply.

What should you look for in a recreational dispensary?

When searching for a recreational dispensary, it’s important to consider a few worthwhile features that show you’ll be well taken care of as a customer.

Just because cannabis products may only have become legal in your area recently doesn’t mean you deserve to be treated with any less respect than you would as a customer supporting any other industry.

We believe that some of the following markers of a great dispensary will ensure you’re supporting the right business:

  • A focus on education – it’s important to consider that dispensaries that focus on educating their audience really do care about their products and their customers experiences with them. For instance, they may have detailed product pages including flavors, notes and what to expect when consuming. They may run a blog showcasing the latest news and insights of the industry. Most importantly though, their staff will care for educating you and recommending products if you have any questions. It never hurts to ask.

  • A range of worthwhile products with stellar descriptions – while some dispensaries choose to specialize, many hope to ensure that the full gamut of cannabis-based products are on offer. From medical marijuana to tinctures, oils, rubs, with variants such as Delta 8 THC being an alternate option for those hoping to enjoy a smoother high, more variety gives you more to play with, and more to learn about.

  • Social media presence – a good social media presence can help you identify if a dispensary is worth using. They don’t have to update it every day, but it can keep you up to date with the news they wish to disseminate.

  • Reliable payment vendors – for online ordering, reliable payment processors like PayPal or Google/Apple Pay can help you ensure you’re using the services of a legitimate outfit.

  • Remaining supportive of the industry – dispensaries that care for the public perception of the products they sell, as well as the innovation taking place in their industry are both inspired and inspiring. They may achieve this by running a newsletter, or attending expos. 

What products should you buy from a recreational dispensary?

You can ask for recommendations if you wish to, which can really help get the ball rolling.

Other than that, it can be helpful to grade which products are suitable for you based on your experience with cannabis products. For instance, full pre-rolled blunts may not be the best place to start if you’ve never been high before. Popcorn buds can be a great place to start when learning how to roll or what certain strains might do.

It’s best to open the dialogue to help you get in the right place with your dispensary, so they can assess your needs as a customer and carefully provide for you in that way. They won’t dictate what you should purchase of course, but a friendly word shows they care for your overarching experience.

What if you have further questions?

Be sure to ask! From learning about opening times to asking what products may be available next month, the world of recreational dispensaries is dynamic, continually changing, and always at the cutting edge.

This way, you can remain excited and never feel stale when enjoying cannabis products from week to week, month to month, and year to year. This is a great place to get started.