Violence at Higher Leaf Kirkland

Violence erupted on Saturday night, February 11th, at Higher Leaf’s Kirkland location when an intoxicated customer entered the store with his female companion. The security team at Higher Leaf immediately noticed that the customer appeared to be intoxicated and he was asked to leave. He refused and the Higher Leaf team swiftly took action, trying to calm the customer down and encourage him to leave the store. Unfortunately, the situation escalated quickly, and the customer grabbed a display case of glass pipes and threw them at an employee, causing damage and chaos.

The team at Higher Leaf acted quickly and calmly, helping to get other customers out of the store and out of harm’s way and the Kirkland Police Department was called immediately. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident and we are deeply grateful for the calm actions of the Higher Leaf team and the quick response by the Kirkland Police Department. Unfortunately, the perpetrator got away without being caught. If you have any information about this person or recognize him or his companion from this video, please let us know at