DIY Infused Summer Sweets

There’s nothing more relaxing than a refreshing cannabis treat on a hot summer day. Washington state doesn’t allow for the sale of refrigerated items like our sibling states to the south, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own! See some of Higher Leaf’s favorite ways to infuse your own edibles this summer.

Ice Cream Sandwich – This sweet treat is a summer staple for stoners! Just grab 2 of any 10 mg cookies from Journeyman or Winterlife and spread with your favorite ice cream. Allow the ice cream to soften for a minute or two before you use it and pop the completed cookie sandwich back in the freezer to give it time to harden. These are easy to make before a party and can be kept in the freezer for several months!

Jello Pot Shots – These tasty little suckers are usually made with alcohol, but we made our own version with liquid edibles! Just add your preferred dosage of Zoots Drink Drops to a batch and follow the regular instructions. Just make sure you subtract the same amount of water so your jello will solidify. We tried Zoots Lemon Drops with orange jello and Mandarin Lime Drops with strawberry jello and both were Higher Leaf staff favorites. You can also use tinctures from Fairwinds if you don’t want to add any other flavors.

Shaved Ice – This cooling treat is the perfect accompaniment to smoking a bowl since it soothes your throat at the same time. Make some crushed ice with a snow cone maker or use the crushed ice function on your refrigerator. You can also carefully take a hammer to a bag of ice. To infuse your treat, simply pour your preferred dose of Winterlife’s Spikers over the ice and the thick syrup clings perfectly. Enjoy! 

Frozen Banana Whip – Who needs an ice cream maker when you have bananas! Make your own simple custard style dessert with just a freezer and a blender. Slice the bananas and allow them to freeze completely. Using a blender or food processor, whip the banana chunks into a fluffy custard like consistency. Blend in your favorite tincture like Ethos Happiest Self and enjoy a healthy summer treat that’s loaded with vitamins.

Show off your DIY skills in the kitchen and wow your friends with these infused summer treats at your next party! Want more ideas for DIY edibles? Ask a Budtender at Higher Leaf Kirkland or Higher Leaf Bellevue for their favorite recipe. You can also learn more about the different types of edibles and see more recipes Here.