Stick to New Year’s Resolutions with a Little Help From Marijuana

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It’s a new year and that means many of us are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Here at Higher Leaf in Kirkland we’ve found that marijuana can be a close ally when it comes to sticking to your goals. Think about what you want to accomplish or try for the first time and let our Budtenders find the perfect strain to accompany you on your path through 2017.

Exercise More
Whether you’re joining a local Eastside gym or vow to hit the Kirkland trails or bike paths more, staying on track can be a bit of a challenge on days you lack motivation. Sativa strains like Silver Surfer can give you the energizing boost you need to wake up early for that jog around the block or inspire you to get off the couch after dinner to go dancing. Zootblasts in 10mg and 30mg will recharge your battery for physical activity any time of the day and are one of the most requested products we have at Higher Leaf in Kirkland.

Stop Smoking, Start Vaping
Love to smoke, but want a smoother hit? Make it your 2017 goal to get high with a vaporizer. If you’re used to pre-rolls or pipes, a handheld vaporizer like the Pax2 will make the swap a no brainer. These handy devices evenly heat ground marijuana to vaporize the plant matter instead of heating it to the point of combustion. If bongs rips are your thing, a larger vaporizer with a bag will give you huge hits on demand. Vaporizers in any size deliver a smoother hit and you can use the plant material a few times before it’s spent. For even easier vaping, consider a simple vape pen with CO2 oil cartridges. Just screw the cartridge on the rechargeable battery and you’re ready to discretely puff, puff pass.

Try New Food
It’s well known that marijuana can enhance your taste buds and give you an insatiable hunger known to many as the munchies. If you want to release your inner foodie, then stock up on strains like Blue Dream and Jack Herer. With amplified taste buds, the world is your oyster. Try foods you think you hate, explore international cuisines you’ve never tried or go wild in the kitchen and combine some of your favorite ingredients into a mystery stoner surprise. Extra points if your homemade masterpiece becomes a new addition to your rotating menu. Combine new foods and marijuana and taste your way through our selection of edible chocolates, baked goods and candies to find your new favorite.

Explore New Places
Want to travel, but can’t find the time? Start up an HD episode of your favorite travel show and light up to feel like a part time world traveler. Use cerebral strains like Super Silver Haze or Trainwreck to feel like you’re really there. Take notes about things you want to learn more about and build a dream vacation in your mind. 2018 travel goals, here you come!

Learn a New Language
Plan to travel somewhere specific? Better practice the local language to make your trip run smoothly. Though marijuana has a reputation for causing forgetfulness, CBD strains like Harle-Tsu and Nordle are non-psychoactive and won’t play havoc with your short term memory. CBD can actually help you relax so all you have to focus on is studying conjugation and grammar. Don’t smoke? Ask the Higher Leaf Budtenders about all our CBD options in edibles, topicals, activated oils and more.

We’re looking forward to an exciting new year in 2017 as we look ahead to the opening of our second location in Bellevue early this year. We want to thank all our loyal customers for supporting us last year as we moved locations, more than doubled our staff, and welcomed over a dozen new vendors to our menu. Our New Year’s Resolution is to continue the provide The Eastside’s Best Bud. Let us know how we can make this year even better with a little help from the marijuana experts at Higher Leaf in Kirkland and Bellevue.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy marijuana?