Sour Tangie Strain Review

Sour Tangie Strain Overview

The Sour Tangie strain is a Sativa Dominant hybrid consisting of 80% sativa, and 20% indica. Sour Tangie has an outstanding THC range of 21% to 22% that results in a strong and euphoric head high. Sour Tangie is a combination of East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie, two incredibly well known and powerful strains in the cannabis community. Many describe Sour Tangie tasting almost like oranges with its potent citrus flavours, as well as a faint smell of pepper. Many people who are in search of a strain that helps with creativity overlook Sour Tangie, yet it is the perfect strain for experimenting and creating music, art, dancing, and many others. Sour Tangie creates a strong, energizing high that is great for socializing at events and gatherings. It is also beneficial for outdoor activities such as hiking, running, swimming, ect. The buds that Sour Tangie has are medium-sized dark green nugs with rich purple hairs, a frosty layer of lavender hued fine crystal trichomes, and bright pink undertones. 

This strain is unique because it allows you to stay focused on a given task without the fogginess that many other strains may give you. This means that performing small to large tasks can be achievable and enjoyable upon consumption. A few examples of these tasks could be doing chores around the house that usually brings the feeling of dissatisfaction. This could be things such as doing the laundry, taking the dog out for a walk, or doing garden work. Many people have issues with consuming cannabis in order to carry out tasks because they might feel tired and foggy, but strains such as Sour tangie do the opposite of this. Many students in post secondary like it because it helps with attentiveness, but it also adds the feeling of enjoyment to assignments and can eliminate the feelings of boredom. 

Sour Tangie Effects

Many couples search for cannabis strains that could benefit their intimacy and love life, whether its increasing arousal levels, sex drive, or any form of intimacy. Sour Tangie is an absolutely perfect choice for arousal, but doesn’t ruin the sex drive that so many other strains may cause. If anything, Sour Tangie can immensely improve one’s drive, creating a memorable experience for both individuals. Many who praise Sour Tangie agree that the long lasting high that it provides can exceed similar strains, making it a better choice. These effects will usually last three hours or more when vaped or smoked. Sour Tangie isn’t just great for sexual experiences in a relationship, but also great for going out and doing things together such as seeing a movie or going for a walk to get some munchies. 


Sour Tangie can help people who are looking for ways to increase appetite, especially those who must take stimulants and don’t feel the urge to eat. When consuming Sour Tangie, the first thing someone will feel is a strong head high that provides an uplifting feeling of energy and satisfaction. After a short few minutes, the effects will produce a slight body high which blends nicely with the strong head high. People who suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression speak highly of Sour Tangie because the high produces a happy, euphoric effect that tends to bring the individual out of a negative state of mind and into the present, creating a positive mindset. This is a great option if the individual does not want to take opiates to relieve their symptoms and rather stick to something more safe and less harmful. 

Side Effects

It is important to mention that Sour Tangie has very mild side effects: slight dry mouth, mild dry eyes, slight chance of anxious thoughts, and low chance of headaches. This is great for people who have had negative experiences with cannabis in the past and are willing to try it again in hopes of not feeling overwhelmed, yet remember to use with caution due to its potency. It is recommended that Sour Tangie should be consumed during the day rather than at night due to its energizing effects.


People who have attention disorders tend to enjoy Sour Tangie because it allows for retained focus and enjoyment when focusing on one specific task at a time. Taking stimulants such as adderall or ritalin were designed to wire someone into their tasks, yet the side effects are extremely unsatisfying. That is why so many people have put the pills down and converted to consuming certain cannabis strains that can have similar benefits, such as Sour Tangie, which has very few side effects as mentioned above. 

Wake and Bake

Sour Tangie is one of the very few strains in which it is recommended to be consumed in the morning, or more commonly known as “wake and baking” because it helps many get out of bed and start the day off on the right foot along with the minimal side effects throughout and after the high. If you are interested in growing your own cannabis plants, then Sour Tangie may be the perfect choice for you due to its short vegetation cycle, which finishes flowering from 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors. This growing cycle is far shorter than most plants where they can take 10 to 32 weeks to fully grow. When buying Sour Tangie, keep in mind that this is a premium strain which is the offspring of East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie, both exceptional strains, so  the average price per gram sits somewhere along $10 to $15 depending on its quality and where you are.


If you are in search of extremely high quality Sour Tangie for the best price, we would heavily recommend buying brands from Higher Leaf’s online website where you can purchase the Sour Tangie strain in Washington State.