Solve Common Weed Issues

When you’ve smoked for an extended period of time, you start to notice a few common problems that can occur in any smoke session. We rounded up a few of the most common issues our customers ask about and had our Budtenders chime in with their simple solutions.

Unevenly Burning Joint

This issue is commonly referred to canoeing, because one half of the joint is burns faster than the other half, making it look like a canoe. Before you smoke a joint, roll it between your fingers to loosen up the pack and evenly distribute any weed that may have been bunched up. This should prevent canoeing. If it does happen, you can wet the side of the joint that is burning too quickly using some spit or water.  It should allow you to smoke the other side and the cherry will dry out the wet part by the time you get to the edge. 

how to moisturize dry weed

Re moisturize weed

Weed Is Too Dry

Unevenly cured and old weed can be too dry to really enjoy. While any weed will get you high, you ideally want a nug to compress when you squeeze it, not crumble. You can buy a Boveda pack at Higher Leaf to rejuvenate bud or try a few at homes options. A piece of orange peel, a slice of bread or lettuce wrapped in a paper towel can also help re-moisturize your marijuana in no time.

Vape Cartridge is Clogged

To get the most use out of cartridges, make sure to store them upright, even when attached to a battery. The longer the wick is submerged in oil, the longer it will last. If your cartridge is clogged, you can try pressing the battery without inhaling for a few seconds to heat and loosen the oil. If that doesn’t work, increase the heat by pointing a hair dryer or heat gun at the cartridge, but make sure you don’t melt the outer casing. This will reduce the viscosity of the oil, hopefully making it easier to clear the clog. If the cartridge turns out to be a dud, just bring it back to Higher Leaf in Kirkland or Bellevue where you purchased it with the receipt and original packaging so we can exchange it for a new one.

You Feel Too High

We’re all about safe and responsible consumption at Higher Leaf and always encourage new users to start slowly. Even the most experienced stoner has felt “too high” at one point or another and it can be disorienting. Too avoid a heady high, make sure you only smoke or eat what you can handle and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages at the same time. If you can, take a nap or find somewhere comfortable to relax while your high fades. Time is really the only way to get THC out of your system. You can also drink some water or distract yourself with an activity like showering or walking around the neighborhood. Some people report that chewing on black pepper can quickly counteract their high, but take this specific advice with a grain of salt.

Have you experienced any other problems while lighting up? Let us know or ask a Budtender for their solutions in Kirkland or Bellevue. We love to answer all your burning questions!