Smoke Circle Etiquette

When smoking alone you make the rules, but did you know there is marijuana etiquette that’s been evolving for decades? Cannabis lovers throughout years have settled on some common sense rules that make smoking more fun for everyone. Get ready for your 4/20 celebration with these easy to follow tips on smoke circle etiquette. 

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Come Prepared To Share
Every smoke circle requires a few things to get started. You’ll need some bud or dabs, smoking paraphernalia, snacks, beverages and good company. Try to bring some green to the smoke session, but don’t show up empty handed if you can’t. You can always bring food and drinks or your epic piece of glass to the party. As musicians in Cyprus Hill say, “I ain’t got no love for brother who comes to the party with no bud.”

Puff, Puff, Pass
One of the cardinal rules of smoking with friends is to make sure that the herb keeps on moving around the group. If you’re in possession of the piece, take your hit and pass it on. Don’t hold the the herb hostage while you tell a story or listen to someone else’s.

No Bogarting Allowed
Bogarting refers to hogging the weed or taking more hits than expected. Traditionally, group members take two drags on a blunt or joint and one hit off glass. Pay attention to how many hits everyone in the group is taking, especially the host. If everyone is a one and done, follow suite. If they’re ripping 3 or 4 times, make sure you do the same. When in doubt, just ask! If you’re the host, think about your own preferred rules to put in place.

Corner The Bowl
When you take an early hit of the bowl keep an eye on how you use the lighter. Don’t take the flame to the center of the bowl and torch all the weed in one hit. Instead, hold the lighter flame to a side section of the bowl, aka “cornering” so that multiple people get a hit of green. Be especially cautious when lighting a keif topped bowl as too much direct flame can torch the entire layer of kief on the first hit.

Don’t Pass A Cached Bowl
Every bowl comes to an end, but you can make sure no one ends up with ash in their mouth. If your hit was the last hit, let the next person in line know. They may try for one final hit or just dump the cached bowl. If you’re the host, make sure there is always ground herb on deck to pack the next one with ease.

Roller’s Choice
In a world of Pre-Roll joints, this specific rule has definitely evolved. If you are responsible for rolling the joint, you get first opportunity to light it. In this same vein, whoever purchased the Pre-Roll has first dibs on sparking up.

Clear The Chamber
If you take a big hit from a glass piece, make sure you clear the chamber. Don’t pass your stale smoke to the next person in the circle. You wouldn’t want to inhale someone else’s air, so extend the same courtesy to your group.

Admit When You’re Sick
No one likes to miss out on a killer smoke session, but keep everyone’s health in mind before you join in with a bug. Sharing paraphernalia, blunts and joints is a common way to pass the flu or a cold onto your friends. Join the circle with your own private piece to reduce the risk of cross contamination or take a tolerance break to give your lungs a rest while you recover.

We’re getting ready for 4/20 all month long with more info about how to celebrate the biggest stoner holiday of the year! Watch our newsletter and social media for more info about our 4/20 Specials and Vendor Days. Have more questions about smoking with a group? Ask a Higher Leaf Budtender in Kirkland or Bellevue for their personal tips. Have your own tips and local rules we didn’t list? Share them in the comments!