The Cure: Shelf Life and Proper Storage of Your Buds

By Lizzie – Assistant Manager & Display Designer

Have you ever opened your weed to take a sniff and gotten a whiff of barn or hay? Has your bud ever been too wet, difficult to light or harsh to smoke? Unfortunately, these may be tell-tale signs of bud that hasn’t been cured properly. One of the key steps to getting bud to you just right is the curing process. A sometimes rushed through process and one that is crucial to making bud look, smoke and taste the way it does, curing is debatably the most important step because it can make or break a harvest. 

Shelf Life and Proper Storage of Cannabis Buds

There are a plethora of reasons why curing is so vital but I’ll lay out the most important ones now. First of all, it’s believed that the curing process actually makes the buds more potent. It breaks down the plant’s chlorophyll and is thought to enhance and develop the cannabinoids and terpenes, giving them a more aromatic and flavorful taste profile. The slow cure also makes buds less harsh to smoke and reduces the risk of mold growth (Learn how to tell if your weed is moldy). You can expect that each harvest is dried for up to 2 weeks before the curing process even begins. Shortcuts like using fans, direct sunlight or heat to initially dry your buds are frowned upon as they invite mold or other microorganisms into your flowers. Slow and steady wins the curing race. 

After the initial drying, the curing can take up to six months after the harvest! On average however, curing time will take around 2-3 months so, when you see a harvest date of December and it’s currently April, have no fear! Bud is very much like wine in the respect that the aging process typically makes it better but, proper storage is key.

There are no steadfast rules about the shelf life of cannabis but it’s recommended that you store your buds in an airtight container in cool, dark place, somewhere between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum freshness. You can use a wide mouth mason jar for storage or, we carry Cvault humidor containers, Evak vacuum sealed containers, as well as, Boveda 2-way humidity control packs for controlling the moisture content of your buds.
Pre-rolls and joints can have a shelf life of up to 6 to 9 months if stored correctly. Many joint makers also stuff their products with kief which can cause a harsher burn but much stronger high. Ask your budtender if you are unsure of which joints will provide the most flavorful experience vsahashy intense high.

Just the other day I found a strain that I’d been super interested to try but it was so dry, had I squeezed it, it likely would’ve disintegrated into powder. Parched and in desperate need of some help, I threw a little Boveda pack in with my buds and like magic, 12 hours later my weed was gloriously re-hydrated and ready to smoke. Conversely, if your bud is too wet or sticky, the Boveda pack will dehumidify your flower. Not impatient with my weed as I always have something in reserve, I’ve taken to throwing Boveda packs in with every jar. It really makes the most astonishing difference and allows you to enjoy the bud the growers intended for you to smoke. 

Including curing time and when properly stored, bud can literally last for years and maintain the same freshness as the first day it was jarred. For only two dollars, search your couch cushions and car seats for some loose change and stop by for a Boveda pack today! Re-hydrate those crumbly buds and get smokin’!