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Green-Theory is very proud to be the city of Bellevue’s first recreational marijuana store. Open since the dawn of legalization in 2014, and located in the heart of downtown on Main Street, we have very quickly become the premiere spot for the Eastside marijuana consumer.

At Green-Theory, we are committed to providing our customers with some of the finest marijuana products available, while offering an enormous selection. We partner with the best growers across the state. Producers and Processors whose expertise and skills were built during the dark years of Prohibition, and are now flourishing in the bright light of freedom. Along the way we’re establishing trustworthy relationships with some of the most knowledgeable men and women in this trade. The result of which being customers can expect nothing but consistent quality, sold by an equally knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff of marijuana enthusiasts. We love what we do and are thankful for the opportunity to put our passion on display.

However, the opportunity does come with a great deal of responsibility. Legalization can take several different roads right now, and it’s crucial we use our expertise as a guide to the correct road. As marijuana remains a federally controlled substance, we must remain committed in adhering to the letter of the law that we have made for ourselves. Should we or any other company in this industry stray from the rules set forth, we place the grand experiment of regulated marijuana in serious jeopardy. Other states and nations are watching closely. How we conduct ourselves in this time of transition is crucial.

We must show the world what marijuana really is. It’s not what Hollywood or the media want to show us. Walking through our store you won’t see any tacky pot leaf murals or posters of Bob Marley. We’re not playing reggae music in the background and our sales associates aren’t stoned. Anyone who has been in this business can tell you the generalizations made about the socio-economic/political/racial/age/gender/culture of marijuana consumers are bogus. Everyone can find happiness or relief in a little THC. Our ability to accommodate customers from all walks of life is something we’re very proud of.

We’d like to assist in the goal to normalize our society’s relationship with the plant. To help it come out from the shadows. Our realm of influence is the 405 corridor of the Eastside. We are conscious of the relationship we must have with our community. We are responsible for what legal marijuana looks like to Bellevue.

The importance of presenting the correct information is also a big part of how we train our employees. We demand a little more from our staff than the average retailer. Not only are our sales associates asked to know what they’re selling and how to sell it, a deeper understanding is expected. We hold daily education sessions for our sales associates before each shift where we discuss all things marijuana. Sales associates are encouraged to ask questions often to develop a clear and concise understanding that can be relayed to our customers. A few recent topics included “Potency Analysis,” “Terpene Synergy,” and “What Makes Concentrates Darker Or Lighter?” The information covered is then synthesized into a weekly quiz that everyone takes. We do this as a way of facilitating an open discussion about our products and giving the sales associates a chance to learn from each other. Our individual experiences are priceless and by combining all this expertise we’ve built a very strong sales team.

In addition to our ace staff, we boast a tremendous selection with very competitive pricing. We have great product to fit any budget, but we understand everyone loves saving money. That’s why we offer specials on select products every day of the week. We also award our Green-Elite loyalty program customers with 20% off a single item during their birthday month and 2.5% back in store credit on all purchases. That adds up faster than you’d think, so almost every time you stop in you’re getting a discount! Value is a cornerstone of our business model and we strive to make sure it’s consistently present.

We invite you to come check out our vast selection of premium marijuana products and speak with one of our educated sales associates to find the best product for your needs.

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