Consumers’ Guide to Seattle Marijuana Prices

As the largest municipality in Washington, Seattle is a hub for both medical and recreational marijuana. Here is the rundown on the average prices of marijuana in Seattle so that you know what to expect when you visit a Seattle, Kirkland, or Bellevue marijuana dispensary.

The History of Marijuana in Seattle

Cannabis shops first opened their doors in Seattle in 1998 when Washington legalized medical marijuana. Initially, access to marijuana was granted to patients with a terminal illness or debilitating condition, with a limit of a 60-day supply of usable marijuana. In 2010, an amendment to Initiative 692 expanded the range of healthcare practitioners that could authorize marijuana use to include:

  • Doctors

  • Osteopaths

  • Physician assistants

  • Advanced registered nurse practitioners

  • Naturopathic physicians

In 2012, voters approved Initiative 502, and Washington’s recreational marijuana program commenced. This initiative permits adults age 21 and over to “possess up to one ounce of marijuana obtained from a state-licensed and regulated marijuana store.” Rather than simply adding recreational marijuana to each existing medical marijuana dispensary, the state of Washington decided to close the existing medical marijuana stores and open new recreational pot shops. These shops must maintain the criteria listed by the Department of Health:

  • Regulation and enforcement

  • Seed-to-sale tracking

  • Testing and labeling

  • Limits on serving size

  • Restrictions on products

  • Taxation

Taxes on Marijuana in Washington

Since July 2015, the tax rate on marijuana in Washington has been set at 37% at the point of sale plus a 6.5% sales tax. 

Before July 2015, the state had a 25% tax on the three points of transfer (producers, processors, and retailers), which made legal marijuana so expensive that it was hard for it to compete with illegal marijuana. The 37% excise tax replaced all of that and made things more affordable. 

From June 2014 to March 2021, adult-use marijuana in Washington has generated $2,568,728,290 in tax revenue. 

Seattle Marijuana Prices

The cost of cannabis in Seattle may seem high if you’re a first-time customer. However, prices hover around the national averages—especially when you take the high excise tax into account. You will generally find that the least expensive products are bud (from $5 per gram), pre-rolls (from $5 per single), and edibles (from $3 per piece). The costliest products include concentrates (from $15 per gram), vaporizers (from $18 for 0.5 grams), and tinctures (from around $35 for 0.26 oz). All of the prices referenced are from November 2021.

Seattle Marijuana Flower Prices

In Seattle, the cost of flower is measured by gram — or fraction of an ounce — and varies by strain, season, and quality of the bud. It is legal in Seattle for recreational customers to possess up to one ounce of whole cannabis.

Gram: $5 to $18 (av. $12)

Eighth (3.5 grams): $10 to $58 (av. $35)

Quarter (7 grams): $32 to $110 (av. $75)

Half ounce (14 grams): $80 to $270 (varies)

Ounce (28 grams): $50 to $400 (av. $270)

The more expensive prices usually reflect a highly prized strain whereas lower prices may reflect bud grown by the dispensary’s partner farms. Usually, the prices vary more by product and brand than by dispensary.

Seattle Marijuana Pre-Roll Prices

Cannabis pre-rolls can be sold in packs or by weight. The most common configurations are singles, two-packs, and five-packs, while some brands also offer larger packs containing up to 50 pre-rolls. As you’ll see, pre-rolls are far cheaper to buy in bulk.

Price per 1-gram: $5 to $12

Single: $5 to $1000 (av. $12)

Two-pack: $5 to $15 (av. $10)

Five-pack: $12 to $22 (av. $22)

Twenty-five pack: $80 to $88

Fifty-pack: $150

Customers may wonder why some pre-rolls are so much more expensive than others. Apart from the strain itself, you will find that the more expensive pre-rolls contain rosin, have glass tips, or even come wrapped in gold leaves (for a red-carpet experience). While the size of pre-rolls can range from 1g to 12g, most pre-rolls contain 1-2.4g of flower.

Seattle Marijuana Concentrate Prices

Concentrates (dab, wax, live resin, etc.) are sold by weight in grams with a minimum order of 1 gram. You will find that the price of concentrates increases with the percentage of THC as well as the kind of strain and the nature of the concentrate.

Expect to pay anywhere between $12 and $60 for 1 gram of marijuana concentrate with an average of around $35 per gram. Kief and hash are on the cheaper side of the scale at $18 and $25 per gram, respectively, whereas live rosin can cost $60 to $66 per gram. Isolates are the most expensive kind of concentrates and can cost $85 per gram or more.

Price of Marijuana Edibles in Seattle

The value of marijuana-infused edibles depends on the amount of CBD, THC, or hash in each piece and the number of pieces that come in the pack. As edibles contain more than just marijuana, the price can also be affected by the nature and quality of the other ingredients used.

For a balanced 100mg CBD plus 100mg THC edible, you could be looking at $22 to $32 for a pack of 10. High-CBD edibles with up to 300mg CBD per piece can be even pricier at $39 for a pack of 10. Individually wrapped edibles cost around $3 to $5, and you can sometimes find three-packs for as little as $6.

Price of Vaporizers in Seattle

Vaporizers are among the more high-tech products sold by cannabis retailers and usually contain 0.5 to 1 gram of cannabis. These devices come in disposable, pax pod, and cartridge varieties.

0.5 gram: $18 to $58 (av. $30)

1 gram: $28 to $66 (av. $30-40)

The cost of vaporizers is affected by the quality of the ingredients used in the vape juice as well as the cost of the device itself. Disposable devices and pax pods tend to be more expensive than cartridges.

Price of Tinctures in Seattle

Cannabis tinctures include drops and sprays that can be used either orally or topically. Pricing can be set by the ounce (or fraction thereof), and the cost of a tincture increases with the THC and CBD content, expressed in milligrams.

For a minimum quantity of 0.26 oz. that contains up to 200mg CBD and up to 100mg THC, you might pay $35 for a bottle of tincture. The price for 1 oz. can come in at around $50, and you’re looking at $90 for a 3.4 oz bottle. If you see a price that looks particularly high or low for the volume, this is usually because of the amount of THC and CBD isolate that the tincture contains.

How to Save on Marijuana in Seattle

Budget-conscious consumers can get a discount on Seattle marijuana prices by taking advantage of sweet deals. For example, many state-licensed retail stores offer daily deals, a loyalty program, and special deals for first-time customers. You can also shop on cannabis comparison sites to find deals from multiple dispensaries in Seattle and win yourself a free pre-roll, free gram of flower, or two-for-one deal.

If you’re just getting started in the world of adult-use cannabis, talk to the knowledgeable staff about your particular health needs or the kind of cannabis product that you’d like to try. Budtenders are there to make sure you have an amazing shopping experience, whether you’re there to find relief from a medical condition or purchase recreational weed.