Seattle Bubbleworks Products in Seattle

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Seattle Bubbleworks got its start in 2016, when our founder saw a niche in the market. Joby had been working with a local cannabis processor and helping them market and distribute their flower and vape cartridges to market. He realized that his passion of producing quality products that addressed the standards of the medicinal marijuana community were at odds with the previous management.

Although that processor was finding success, they were less concerned about the quality and more about the quantity produced. Joby found that unfair to the consumer, and began looking into a solvent-free method of creating cannabis concentrates. By revisiting the ancient art of hash-making through ice water separation, Joby chose to venture out on his own and gathered together a skilled crew of industry colleagues, each as passionate and skilled as the last, to set up his own “bubbleworks”.

By working with ethical producers, and inspecting each batch, Seattle Bubbleworks is proud of the products they provide and will be expanding into other ventures as well. Follow our progress on our social media accounts and become a part of local history!