Runtz Strain Review

Thanks to the Hyped Cookies Family, the Runtz cannabis currently exists. Runtz seems to have taken the cannabis market by storm as one of the most hyped and coveted strains on the market. One of its strongest attributes is its taste. It offers a balanced hybrid by combining two of the most exotic and favorable strains currently available on the market – Zkittlez, and Gelato. Most users experience a burst of flavorful explosion capable of altering the senses and emotions with pleasure while giving the user a decadent treat of relaxation. In this review article, the aim is to take a closer look at the Runtz strain, its profile, effects, flavor, and anything else you need to know.


Runtz Strain Profile

Runtz is a very coveted hybrid strain from California because of how scarce it is to come by. Here’s a summary of the strain’s profile.


  • This strain goes by some names, including Obama Runtz, Purple Runtz, Pink Runtz, and so many more. But no matter what name you choose to call it, this balanced strain always offers a unique blend of strong flavor and potency. In other words, you’re sure to experience a truly relaxing effect along with its sugary sweet taste. 
  • The strain contains terpenes like Phellandrene, Myrcene, Terpineol, and Ocimene – all of which blend perfectly. Plus, its combination of unique and rich taste is similar to diving into a pool of different citrus fruits, berries, and sweetly-fragranced flowers. 


Runtz Cannabis History And Genetics

As we have already mentioned, the Runtz strain is one of the most coveted because of its rarity, robust taste, and rich blend of flavors. However, just like many of the popular strains available on the market today, you can trace the history of this rare strain to California. 

It all started from a cookie farm based in Los Angeles, where this hybrid strain made its introduction as a cross-breed between the Gelato and the Zkittlez strains. Speaking more specifically, the introduction of this strain is thanks to the collaborative effort of co-owner of the Runtz rand and rapper Young LB. 


The Aroma Of The Runtz Cannabis Strain

We have already mentioned that the Runtz strain offers a blend of aromas, but let’s take a closer look. 

  • If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying out this richly-flavored cannabis strain, what you can expect is a sharply strong aroma of fruity candy mixed with a variety of other fruits. 
  • This rich blend of fruity aroma should hardly come as a surprise, especially considering it has both the Gelato and Zkittlez genetics. However, you can quickly draw attention to yourself when you have it in public because of its pungent smell and aroma. 

So, here is a pro tip; if you’re looking for an ultimate and lasting experience without worrying about attracting unsolicited attention, your best option will be to store your buds in a smell-proof jar and bag. This way, you can carry your companion of pleasure along with you in the most discreet manner. But in the comfort of your privacy, feel free to open the bud jar and enjoy the abundance of sweet aroma that will waft around you.



Aside from its sweet and fruity smell, one other thing that makes the Runtz strain stand out is its sweet and sugary flavors. But that’s not all; 

  • This unique flavor also leaves behind earthy and fruity undertones, which adds to its rich and complex aftertaste and profile. 
  • Once you get the opportunity to inhale the Runtz cannabis strain, you can be sure that you’ll treat your nostrils to sweet and fruity goodness that will send you relaxing in a matter of minutes. 
  • With each exhale, you will experience a creamy-like vapor or smooth smoke.



The effects of using the Runtz strain are as pleasurable as they are potent. 

  • You can expect this cannabis to leave you in a strong psychedelic state that usually lasts for hours. 
  • The effects kick in pretty quickly, and it comes with a strong wave of bliss accompanied by a euphoria that takes over the user’s mental and physical state in one of the most pleasurable and relaxing ways – if not the most. 
  • Runtz cannabis strain is sure to leave you content, stress-free, and happy, following the initial kick after inhaling. 
  • After that, there is a calming effect that can uplift your spirits and even make you a bit more talkative for the duration. 


Another great thing about this strain is that the mix of euphoria and calm or relaxation that it offers is perfectly balanced, as none is stronger than the other. That makes Runtz cannabis strain a perfect relaxation partner to have after a long and stressful day at work.


Medical Uses And Side Effects

Runtz cannabis strain is potent for treating issues, including the following

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • loss of appetite. 


However, consuming too much is also known to cause headaches, make some people anxious, cause dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth issues.



Runtz is as stunning as it is effective. 

  • When grown under ideal conditions, the plant produces top-quality flower buds that are aesthetically pleasing and aromatic. 
  • The appearance comes with a heavy touch of resin, which offers a striking contrast to the deep purple and bright green leaves. 
  • Each Runtz bud usually appears dense and medium-sized. 


Cultivating The Runtz Cannabis Strain

Because this trait is very rare, getting the seeds can be quite a challenge. However, you can get regular and feminized seeds from a few selected seed banks. In most cases, you will only find the seeds as made from the original clone-only Runtz. Some growers believe that the outdoors offers the best growing condition, as it produces better aroma, flair, and even yield. However, if you manage to acquire the seeds, you can either grow them indoors or outdoors. Because the Runtz strain also falls under the Cookies family, it appears with a slender body and a solid growth, with a lot of lateral branching. Also, be sure to do a lot of apical pruning, as it helps immensely with the plant’s growth.


Where to Buy Runtz Online in Washington

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