Rockstar Strain Review

The Rockstar cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid – 70% indica and 30% sativa. It is a cross between Rockbud and Sensi star, two very well known strains in the cannabis industry. This potent hybrid gives a strong sensation of relaxation and an uplifting euphoric feeling that so many people enjoy. Rockstar’s smell can resemble sweet grapes with mild undertones of spice, and even hints of vanilla – a strong aroma that is somewhat distinct from other strains. 

Rockstar Strain Overview

Rockstar is widely known for its sedating and euphoric effects that result in giving a relaxing and happy sensation. The benefits of consuming Rockstar is outstanding because it can reduce stress levels, helps calm anxiety, reduce chronic pains, and helps with depression. When consuming Rockstar, the first thing you will notice is the cerebral headrush that slowly turns into a strong, sedating feeling that tends to leave the individual couch locked while feeling a strong sense of euphoria. This is perfect for relaxing after work, or if you just want to sit back and enjoy yourself for your own pleasure or even being around friends during the experience 

Use Case

*Disclaimer: The following is not medical advice and is for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician.

This strain of cannabis is widely associated with people who suffer from chronic pains such as frequent headaches, nerve damage pains, arthritis pains, and many others. Due to its sedating and pain relieving effects, it results in a great temporary relief that is far safer than taking opiates such as morphine. Its powerful 14% – 19% average THC levels leave the individual in a very happy state of mind when smoked or vaped, and makes food taste heavenly.


Many people rely on cannabis to help with issues of Insomnia, especially powerful indica’s such as Rockstar because it has the ability to fully relax the individual’s body and mind, giving a powerful calming effect. Most people who suffer from insomnia toss and turn feeling uncomfortable and tend to look at their phones until they feel more tired but when consuming strains such as rockstar, you lose the stress and focus on things that interest you. Rockstar is widely known for making someone sleepy once you begin coming down from the high which is perfect right before you go to bed. 

Got a High Tolerance? Not to Worry

A common issue that most heavy cannabis users experience is building too high of a tolerance. Mediocre cannabis will only do so much for that individual, so they can either break the tolerance, or find certain strains that are high enough quality to give you a strong high. Rockstar is known for being one of these strains because of its immense effects. This is perfect for people with chronic pain who feel large amounts of discomfort when they must take breaks in order to feel the effects. The most common reasons why people enjoy the effects of Rockstar consist of temperelily suppressing depression, anxiety, and to improve appetite. It is worth noting that rockstar can also help relieve symptoms of PTSD or even Bi-polar disorder!

Growing Rockstar Strain

If growing your own cannabis plants is in your interests then you may want to consider growing Rockstar. It can be grown indoors and/or outdoors but does better outdoors because the plant can grow up to two meters long and can sometimes produce over a pound per plant. If grown indoors, you can expect your plant to yield roughly half a pound of cannabis. The plant can finish its crop cycle within eight to nine weeks, making it a quick and reliable strain to grow. In 2012, Rockstar made second place in the High times Cannabis Cup hybrid category, creating a name for itself and its creators, Bonguru Beans out of the Netherlands. 

Rockstar Strain Terpene Profile

Rockstars dominant terpenes are Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Bisabolo which are phenomenal for reducing inflammation in the body, especially in the intestines. This means that it can relieve stomach and indigestion which can cause a substantial amount of pain. It is also known for reducing social anxiety in individuals who have troubles exerting themselves within society. Another benefit of the rockstar strain is that it can really help with menstrual cramps and muscle spasms. The medical benefits of Rockstar exceeds many other strains in its field, making it one of the best options for medicinal use in numerous forms. 

Where to Find Rockstar Strain

Because of its popularity, you can find rockstar at a lot of different locations, but it is important to know where to get the best quality products. I have found that the THC levels in cheaper rockstar bud makes a massive difference in the potency of effects that you may experience. Most of the cheaper bud is grown in mediocre conditions whereas good quality is grown to maximize its potency. My personal favourite place to pick up some top quality rockstar bud would be Green Theory in Bellevue, WA. The rockstar bud they carry is from a Washing State based company called Artizen which grows amazing top quality bud. I also love how they have the best prices because they price match with other competitors and carry products that others just don’t have. Green Theory goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction, always giving me advice and knowledgeable information about each product as if they truly know everything about it.  Like I said, I would highly recommend dropping by the Green Theory locations In Bellevue and checking out the premium bud they carry, but specifically their Rockstar bud because I assure you, you will not be disappointed with the prices or the quality.

Below are the two locations to the Green Theory stores in Bellevue, Washington:

  • 12827 SE 40th PL, Bellevue, WA 98006
  • 1940 124 Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005

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