Pump Up Your Pot

By Lizzie – Assistant Manager & Display Designer

Boring old bud got you down? Looking for something to elevate your experience? Here are a few ideas to taking your bowl to the next level:

Kief It Up
If you’re unfamiliar with kief, it’s the powdery, crystal-like pollen that covers the cannabis flower and leaves. It’s actually resin glands called trichomes that contain most of the cannabinoids, (THC, CBD, and many others), and can be collected and added as an extra special sprinkle on any bowl. It’s more potent than flower because it’s almost entirely concentrated THC. Sprinkle it in your joint before you get rolling or smoke it straight if you’re feeling daring; kief is an awesome way to take your toke up a notch. We sell a nice variety of 1 gram indica and sativa kiefs from Avitas and a special shout out to the kief no one knows we have-Honey Creek’s Girl Scout Cookies. It’s my buy if you’re looking to enhance your bud. You can also start collecting kief at home with a 3 chamber grinder. The top tier grinds the bud, the second holds the ground flower with a sieve at the bottom for the last chamber to collect the kief that falls through the screen. We carry a range of sizes and styles. Add a lot, add a little, kief is a great way to kick it up. 

How about Hash?
Hash is the oldest marijuana concentrate around and is made from the collected and compressed sticky, oily resins and kief from the leaves and flowers. Significantly stronger than smoking bud alone, hash offers a next level experience for any and all smokers. Smoke it straight, roll it in with a joint or in a bowl. Higher Leaf carries a traditional Lebanese red or gold hash in .5 gram and 1 gram containers that can heighten any ordinary high. 

This ones a doozie, kids. Caviar is a stoner term that refers to a hand created concentrate concoction that is so magnificent and blow your mind awesome, it’s considered a delicacy among cannabis connoisseurs everywhere. Simply, it’s bud liberally topped with a BHO or other dab concentrate and then lovingly smothered in kief. Whoa. You can make a caviar joint by rolling flower with some kief and/or hash liberally mixed in, covering it with a BHO/dab concentrate and then, rolling it in kief. Do the same for a blunt or even in a bowl. Go crazy kids but as always, enjoy responsibly. May I recommend Phat Panda’s Panda Pebbles, (ground bud compressed with kief), as a base.