Host A Pot Tasting Party

With beer flights and wine tastings all the rage this Summer, plan your own marijuana themed event to really get your friends talking. Take advantage of the countless strains available at Higher Leaf to showcase to taste, smell and differences in effects you can find in Washington. Read on to see our tips for hosting the Perfect Pot Tasting Party. 

Choosing Marijuana
You definitely want to make sure there is enough grass to go around. Figure a different strain for each number of guests attending so there’s plenty of variety. Stop by Higher Leaf for the Honey Creek Toke Tour or the Sasquatch Cannabis Party Pack to load up on multiple strains in one go. You could also mark the event as Bring Your Own Bud and have each guest bring their favorite strain to try. 

Hosting The Party
As any great party host can tell you the secret to any successful bash is plenty of food and drinks. Get the snacks ready to enjoy between each round of bud. Eating something will clear your palette for the next strain, ensuring your guests can really notice the subtle differences. Have paper available so your guests can take notes about each stain as you progress through the supply. Make sure your guests have comfortable place to relax during the smoke session and have some cool music or interesting media planned for the party as well.

Use Clean Glass
Plan to smoke each strain in its own freshly cleaned glass piece. This ensures leftover residues don’t effect the strain’s true taste with lingering notes. It’s also a fun excuse to show off your entire collection? Don’t have multiple pipes? Just clean the piece after each strain or ask your guests to bring a pipe or bubbler along too. You can also go super simple and have a joint tasting party instead! Just stock up on joints from vendors like Phat Panda, Honey Creek, Artizen and Prohibition, Walden, Stika and more!

What more suggestions on strains? Ask a Higher Leaf Budtender for their suggestions in Kirkland or Bellevue! We’d love to hear about your next tasting party! Make sure to take plenty of photos and share them with us using #higherleaf on social media. We can’t wait to see your tasting pics!