Motorbreath Strain Review

Earthy, pungent, fuel—these are the three most-mentioned characteristics of the Motorbreath Strain. But this award-winning heavy-hitter is not one you can underestimate. With its high THC content, it is a strain that novices may want to steer clear of until they have earned enough cannabis vet points.

Like most other hybrid cannabis strains, Motorbreath is a good balance of relaxing and energizing. It is indica-dominant, though, and so it is best smoked at night.

The strain’s name does not simply refer back to the 1982 Metallica song of the same title—there is a reason it is called Motorbreath (more on that later). There is a lot more to know about this aptly named diesel strain. Scroll on down to get to know the Motorbreath Strain better.

As a bonus, we will also be dropping the best dispensary to grab a Motorbreath from so make sure to stick around till the end!


Roots of the Motorbreath Strain

The potent and highly sought-after Motorbreath’s genetics is nothing short of awesome: Chemdog, the famed mystery strain that produced some of the best-known powerhouse strains, was crossed with San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG), the high-THC OG Kush cross child best known for upping moods and alleviating symptoms of both physical and mental woes.

Pisces Genetics’ crossing of these two classics has resulted in yet another potent favorite. Motorbreath’s THC content clocks in between 25% to 28%, making it a favorite among more experienced marijuana users, who enjoy the slow and steady—and ridiculously potent—high that comes from the strain.


Aesthetics: How Does a Motorbreath Bud Look?

Motorbreath nugs are shaped like a spade and are elongated. They are evenly shaded with vibrant blues and purples and are speckled with long orange hairs and a thin blanket of crystal trichomes.


The Aroma and Taste of the Motorbreath Strain

When you’re looking for a good time and need some fun-tasting and -smelling help, look no further than the Motorbreath strain.

Out of all the creative and genius ways the countless marijuana strains are named, Motorbreath is probably the most appropriate, even among all other diesel strains.

Its fragrance is unbelievably unique, and quite surprising. Motorbreath packs a punch of fuel aromas, with noticeable hints of zesty lemon and earthy overtones that beautifully round out the diesel scents when the nugs are burned or vaporized.

Motorbreath’s flavor is an extension of the strain’s aroma, following the exact flow of diesel and gas fumes, and then of tangy lemon flavors, and subtle notes of earthy tastes in your mouth.

Be sure to keep the air freshener handy if you are not a fan of lingering cannabis aromas because Motorbreath is sure to leave a dank scent hanging in the air for hours, right from the moment you open a bag or jar of it.


What are the Effects of the Powerhouse That is the Motorbreath Strain?

Motorbreath’s effects are not to be taken lightly. This strain’s mid-20s THC substance makes it so potent that it won first place in the recreational hybrid category of the 2015 THC Championship and second place in the recreational indica category of the 2016 THC Championship.

This strain’s potency makes it ideal for veterans who are on the constant lookout for ultra potent strains that can cut through the high tolerance that they have cultivated after years of smoking marijuana. Motorbreath is not a good recommendation for light smokers or relatively novice stoners as newbies might not take too well to it.

It has such a strong high that will take its time forming in your head and then slowly spreading throughout the rest of your body.

Within a few seconds from taking a hit of Motorbreath, users can expect to instantly catch feelings of the lifting of moods and then be enveloped in waves of calming euphoria that can cause even the worst of insomniac nights to shy away.

The Motorbreath is a fast-acting strain with strong highs that provide immediate head elevation and gusts of physical and mental relief.

Because of these uplifting yet relaxing effects, Motorbreath is generally preferred by those who suffer from anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, and insomnia.

With that in mind, it is recommended that the indica-dominant Motorbreath be taken at night, or when there is no important errand to run because its sedative effects will definitely keep you glued to your bed even hours after your last toke. That makes it a good choice if you want to take a break from your mind’s overactive tendencies, or if you are simply in need of an excuse to stay home!


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