The Secret To Microdosing


The term “microdosing” has been a popular topic in the last few weeks. When mastered, users can expect a consistent and reliable dose of cannabinoids depending on their specific needs. The practice originated out of the medical marijuana community, but is more popular than ever. Marijuana Microdosing has gone mainstream with countless products on the market from choose-your-dose tinctures to single dose candies.

Microdosing lets you to enjoy the creative and mentally stimulating benefits of marijuana without overwhelming your senses. This technique is favored by artists, professionals and everyone in between. Avoid getting too stoned to function with a few of the easy to microdose products available at Higher Leaf in Kirkland & Bellevue. Before you know it, you’ll be coasting on an all day mellow buzz that feels like you’re walking on sunshine.

Ethos Tinctures – These beverage concentrates come with a pipette dropper so you’re able to deliver the serving does you need. Just add a drop or two to your favorite beverage. Start slow and take thorough notes about how strong the high is and how long it lasts. A single 5mg drop every 2 to 4 hours may work for some while others need 10 drops of 5mg every hour. You won’t know what works for you until you try it and that’s half the fun!

NW Wonderland Breath Sprays – Each spray contains 3mg, making this the perfect on-the-go microdosing product. Available in a variety of formulas, you can pop this in your pocket for discrete consumption anytime and anywhere. Both the THC and CBD versions deliver a reliable serving with each spritz so you can take charge of your high.

Mr. Moxey’s Mints – Each individually packaged mint is a portioned 5mg serving, so you know exactly what to expect every time. These little mints come in both THC and CBD versions and they’re easy to mix and match for the perfect breath freshening cannabis cocktail. Try Peppermint, Ginger Or Cinnamon in the morning and see how long your happy buzz lasts. Next time, pop another mint about an hour before the first one will wear off and you can ride a gentle high all day.

Avitas Cartridges – While you can get quite high using a cartridge, technically they are the perfect tool for microdosing. While we can’t pin point exactly how large a dose will be in each hit, you can identify about how long a single hit lasts for you. Just take a pull every hour or two hours, or whatever fits. The CBD cartridges are a particular favorite with the Higher Leaf Budtenders for providing a regular, clean pull of CO2 oil that can help with their specific needs.

Keep microdosing in mind for those days you just need to be high, but can’t risk a clouded mind. Ask a Higher Leaf Budtender about their favorite way to Microdose at Higher Leaf in Kirkland & Bellevue. They’ll help identify the perfect microdosing method specifically for you.