Maui Wowie Strain Review

There are many different strains for you to choose from today, and in this review, we are going to provide you with a comprehensive take on the Maui Wowie Strain. This is a nostalgic and classic strain that provides both tropical and fruity flavors, as well as promoting powerful feelings of satisfaction, ease, and calm. You will enjoy a euphoric and high-energy experience with this strain. With that being said, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about this cannabis strain and what to expect. 

The origins of Maui Wowie

Before we tell you everything you need to know about the Maui Wowie Strain, we will reveal how this strain originated. The strain originated as an outdoor grow on the island of Maui, hence the name. It almost virtually spread to the Hawaiian Islands. Sadly, the exact genetics of the Maui Wowie Strain is not known. Their height, which tends to reach approximately 175 cm, shows the true heritage of the Maui Wowie Strain. When grown outside, Maui Wowie should only be grown in a climate of a tropical nature. When this happens, Maui Wowie is pretty resistant to mildew and molds, as well as disease.

Understanding the Maui Wowie Strain

Also referred to as the Maui Waui Strain, this is a hybrid that is mostly Sativa, which is deemed a top-of-the-line strain. In fact, it first appeared back in the 1960s, so when a cannabis strain has this level of staying power, you know that it is a good one. If you’re interested in the cannabis industry, you may know that a lot of people say that cannabis was not very potent back in the ‘60s. Well, you will be pleased to learn that this was prior to Maui Wowie being developed. 

Maui Wowie was one of the first strains in circulation that considerably enhanced the content of THC. Back in the 1960s, when Maui Wowie was bred, the average marijuana strain had a very low THC content. It was pretty much always lower than eight percent. However, this changed when Maui Wowie was produced. This strain featured THC content 20 percent and over, which led to it quickly becoming one of the most desirable strains on the market. This is a trend that has not changed, though, as Maui Wowie is still very popular today. 

Today, Maui Wowie is deemed to be a middle to high-grade strain, which provides a few Indica perks and a typical Sativa high. In terms of THC content, there are a lot of other strains and new hybrids that have either caught up with Maui Wowie or surpassed the THC content. However, the quality of the Maui Wowie strain has meant that it is still very much enjoyed by many people today.

Some of the basics about Maui Wowie

Some of the basics you need to know when it comes to the Maui Wowie yield include the fact that the percentage of Sativa/Indica is 80 percent Sativa and 20 percent Indica. In terms of yield, you can expect 14oz/ m2 for the indoor yield, and 16oz/ plant for the outdoor yield. The flowering period is early to mid-October for outdoor growth. In terms of growing the Maui Wowie Strain indoors, you can expect the flowering period to be nine weeks. 

The taste and flavor of Maui Wowie

The first thing that we noticed when it comes to the Maui Wowie Strain is the very distinct aroma. You will notice the tropical fruit scent, which is powerful and makes the Maui Wowie Strain one of the most appealing on the market today. There is a hint of fruit with the Maui Wowie Strain that you cannot ignore. When describing Maui Wowie, we can say that it is like a Fruity Haze Strain which has a gassy OG Kush influence, albeit a slight one – it is not overpowering. 

What sort of feelings do most people experience with Maui Wowie?

Now that you have a bit of background information regarding the Maui Wowie Strain and why it is so popular, we will delve into the feelings you can expect from this strain. Regular users of Maui Wowie have stated that they enjoy an energetic and happy high, which can also boost their creativity. You can expect a pleasant and light body numbing sensation, as well as a strong case of the munchies – pretty stereotypical, right? Aside from this, it is possible to experience a dry mouth and dry eyes, as well as potential paranoia. Some people do also experience headaches and dizziness, particularly when consuming edibles or larger doses, so do keep this in mind if you are going to be using Maui Wowie for the first time. 

The Sativa effects associated with the Maui Wowie strain can help to relieve chronic depression, anxiety, and stress. The Indica side of Maui Wowie can be helpful in terms of easing minor chronic pains and aches. It can also be utilized for the purpose of stimulating appetite in people who are suffering from an eating disorder like anorexia. A lot of people also utilize the Maui Wowie strain when they need medication for chronic migrains. 

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