Marijuana Myths: Fact or Fiction

Can you not get high? Can pot make you lazy? Does Marijuana cause anxiety? Not everything you hear about cannabis is true, so we looked into some of the myths our customers ask about the most. See which common Marijuana Myths are fact and which are fiction.

Cannabis edibles

I Didn’t Get High – Some people report that they didn’t get high the first time they tried marijuana. This can be the case for many first time users and some people will actually feel no effects for several attempts. This first timer phenomenon is often present when consuming edibles as well. Always proceed with caution when it comes to eating your weed. It’s better to not get high, then to eat too many edibles and feel it kick in 3 or 4 hours later. If you don’ fell high after smoking or eating an edible, just try again at another time to feel the full effects. Higher Leaf Budtenders can recommend the perfect first time edible to try.

Weed Isn’t As Strong As It Used To Be – We do hear this one a lot and we’re happy to report that modern marijuana is the most potent stuff around. What has changed is how much you have to smoke to reach the same level of high. Many long term users have a high tolerance for THC and what used to get them high just doesn’t cut it any more, no matter how strong their stuff is. If you never takes tolerance breaks you have to smoke more, the longer you’ve enjoyed marijuana. So they are smoking more, but it’s not because it used to be stronger, it’s because of their THC tolerance. 

The Munchies Aren’t Real – When THC hits your bloodstream it interacts with the hypothalamus and tricks your brain into thinking you’re both hungry and don’t feel full, even if you’ve just eaten. This chemical reaction is known as the munchies and while it’s very real, not everyone gets them. You can combat this insatiable hunger by seeking out strains that specifically won’t cause crazy cravings. If you do need help eating, there are strains the cause the munchies on overdrive that can help with appetite problems. Our Budtenders lover to smoke up before extra special occasions so they can really savor nuanced flavors in their meal.

Smoking cannabis to treat Anxiety

Weed Helps Or Causes Anxiety – This one is tricky. Marijuana strains can help many people relax and Indicas are famous for helping you forget your troubles. On the other side of it, energizing Sativas can sometimes set your thoughts racing out of control. Since marijuana is such a unique experience for each person, you never really know how you’ll feel until you try it. When you visit Higher Leaf in Kirkland and Bellevue, tell the Budtender how you want to feel and what you want to avoid. We can make personalized recommendations based on your request to find a product or strain that perfectly fit your needs.

Stoners Are Lazy – This is a myth that most marijuana users have faced at some point in their life or another. The stereotypical standard “stoner” can be found glued to the couch without a care in the world, but this caricature couldn’t be further from the truth. While we’ve all enjoyed a lazy day devouring snacks and TV shows, but that’s not all doobie lovers do with their day. In reality, cannabis users come from all walks of life and enjoy an infinite variety of hobbies, professions and lifestyles. Active users love Zoot Blasts to balance energy and THC. Creative types choose from dozens of mentally stimulating strains that inspire music, art and literature. Professionals enjoy a toke or two after work instead of cracking open a beer. Even Olympic athletes have been known to take a bong hit or two.

Cannabis Is An Aphrodisiac – This is another myth that depends on the strain. Some types of marijuana can help some people with arousal, reduce inhibitions and lower self-consciousness. Look for Green Crack, Grand Daddy Purple, Super Lemon Haze, Blue Cheese and Northern Lights to elevate your next evening in. There’s even cannabis lube and massage oils that really get the mood going with your special someone or start your night with a few chocolate edibles. It really does depend on the person, so we suggest you try this myth yourself!

Do you have your own Marijuana Myth you’ve always been curious about? Tweet us your Myth at @HigherLeafMJ and we’ll investigate! Higher Leaf Budtenders in Kirkland and Bellevue love to talk about all things weed. Ask about their favorite myths to learn more about this amazing plant from our knowledgeable staff.