Loud Lemonade Strain Review

Are you in the mood for some rare cannabis? We’ve got just the thing for you. The strain called “Loud Lemonade” is so hazy, a google search won’t take you very far (or give you enough info). Luckily for you, we’re here to save the day!

If you’ve just heard about the elusive strain and want to do some sleuthing before trying it out (if you could), or if you want some validation for the awesome high you felt after smoking it, then you’re in the right place. Higher Leaf has all that you need to know about the shifty Loud Lemonade.


Loud Lemonade was produced by Loud Seeds, an award-winning seed bank that also birthed many of the wavemakers in today’s cannabis industry. They crossed the sativa-dominant hybrid Lemon Skunk OG with a balanced hybrid phenotype of the Sour strain.

The strain has since been discontinued by Loud Seeds, which explains why it seems so hard to grasp. But it must have survived somehow, since its seeds are relatively easy to get a hold of. And those that have had it have nothing but high praise. After all, it’s been tested to contain 15-23% THC so it packs an absolute punch.

Aroma and Flavor

The name is more than just a genius fusion of the parent strains and the breeder that invented it. It also is the most fitting name for a strain so deliciously sour in fragrance and taste, the whole experience is amplified a couple of times just by those factors alone.

Both the aroma and flavor of this strain are a nice blend of diesel and tart flavors that will leave the room smelling of a pleasant and faint lemony gas for hours.


Loud Lemonade is known to its many fans as a highly energizing strain that gives one the tingles. While it is highly energizing, it also carries about a relaxing state that will clear the mind of worries and stressors, making for a truly uplifting experience that’s unforgettable.

The strain is also highly recommended for those who suffer from chronic pain and anxiety, and for those who have trouble sleeping. It calms the mind without forcing its takers to be icouchlocked.

Its side effects are minimal, if not completely dismissable. They’re not exactly uncommon either. Users have reported dry eyes and cottonmouth as the two most common side effects from smoking or ingesting the Loud Lemonade strain—nothing a glass of water and some closed-eye meditating can’t fix!

Bonus Trivia for Growers

The Loud Lemonade plant is a very robust one, yielding sizable buds when one gets a hold of it for growing. It can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors so whichever space you are planning to grow your Loud Lemonade in, the lemony diesel scent will fill the space.

The crossing of Lemon Skunk and a ⅞ Sour is significant, since this particular cross causes the resulting plant to grow taller upon flowering.

If you somehow manage to get a hold of some Loud Lemonade seeds and would like to have a try at growing it, you’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy its high. It is incredibly rare and a tad bit difficult to find as a ready-to-enjoy bud, but the seeds are not so out of reach.

So you either get yourself some Loud Lemonade, or have some strain similar while you’re on the lookout for it.

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