Cannarillo Release


Join LEIRA and Gold Leaf Gardens at Green-Theory for a SPECIAL EARLY RELEASE of their NEW Cannarillos on Thursday, August 4th from 4-7pm!
Be the first in state to score your own before anyone else just in time for Seafair Weekend!

“The LEIRA cannagar represents success, luxury, and sophistication. Handcrafted cannabis cigars made from organic flowers, glazed in solvent free rosin, and sealed in cannabis leaves, providing hours of enjoyment.”

Learn How To Light A LEIRA Cannagar:

Gold Leaf Gardens:
“We adhere to the principals of “living organics.” Our soils are hand crafted, and amended with natural teas, beneficials and nutrients to maximize microbial life. This translates to plants fully expressing their genetic potential in regards to flavor, smell and effect.
Whether in the garden or the office, Gold Leaf embraces the “ohana” or family approach to doing business. Many of our members originate from small corners of Hawaii, where community and tradition are an integral part of success.
Gold Leaf’s origins are deeply entrenched in the medical cannabis community. We’ve been fortunate to witness and participate in the incredible healing and therapeutic powers of the plan. We believe that providing safe, high quality cannabis to all users, whether patients or those blessed with good health, is the key to a happier, better planet.”