Jungle Cake Strain Review

If you’re looking for a new, sweet way to get high, then prepare yourself for Jungle Cake. This potent 50-50 hybrid can come up to as high as 33% THC content, but that’s not the end of its power as it also has an intense aroma when smoked or baked into items like brownies. Some describe their feelings after smoking this strain as being happy with euphoric feelings, perfect if your goal is to be sociable or creative, or both.

Jungle Cake is an evenly balanced hybrid that can lift you into pure euphoria. The high comes on with a slow build, lifting your mental state to bliss and ease from the get-go—just don’t underestimate this strain! You will be giggling and unfocused as it lifts you up and then maybe get some unexpected nap time when you have had one too many tokes. 

In this post, we will be talking about why this strain lives up to the hype, and where you can score yourself some.

Jungle Cake Strain: Origins

Jungle Cake is a hybrid strain that was first propagated by Seed Junky Genetics. They crossed Wedding Cake with White Fire #43 and created an uber potent, yet perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid weed. The name Jungle Cake was coined from its grandparent strain, White Rhino (thus the term ‘jungle’), which was crossed with Fire OG to create White Fire, and its parent, Wedding Cake.

How The Jungle Cake Looks

Jungle Cake is enormous as a plant. It is tall and wide, and its leaves are vibrant with green and purple shades. The plant’s flowering tops are large and tightly packed.

The Jungle Cake flowers are coated in a thick layer of frosty white and silver trichomes, which gives them an ethereal look. The colors range from deep forest green to lighter shades of yellowish-green depending on the time they spent outside before harvest. When dried and broken into individual buds, you can see its red pistils through the blanket made up by all these tiny little hairs that cover its body like snowdrifts.

How The Jungle Cake Smells and Tastes

The smell of the Jungle Cake Cannabis is like an all-you-can eat dessert buffet. The plant itself smells delicious, and it’s no mystery why this strain has been garnering so much praise in recent years. On a more specific level, when dried flowers are left out to dry they take on a different profile that reminisces some other cannabis strains such as kush or diesel—but with way better flavor!

Jungle Cake is people’s favorite strain of pot because not only does it have divine taste (when smoked) from its Girl Scout Cookie genetics shining through plus being rich and robust with sugariness reminiscent of vanilla yellow cake, but also due to its unique scent which always fills you up before smoking by smelling just like baking.

Flavor-wise, the Jungle Cake is surprising. It’s a hybrid strain with sweet, fruity notes and undertones of diesel. Its sugary flavor tastes just like marshmallows and is then overturned by a smooth diesel taste, shocking those who experience the unique punch for the first time.

The smoke is thick and spicy while also carrying poignant nutty flavors that make it seem more earthy than your average flower strains. And though there are some hints of dankness in this crossbred weed’s lineage, you can still expect an aftertaste reminiscent of both fruitiness from peach and rich sweetness similar to chocolate chip cookies.

How The Jungle Cake Makes You Feel

Despite the heavy aroma and taste, many users report the opposite when it comes to the effects… at least for the first few seconds.

The high one gets from the Jungle Cake takes its sweet time, usually starting at the top of the head and then gradually making its way to the rest of your body. You could find yourself taking a hit you didn’t need because the hard effects were already on their way. With Jungle Cake’s ridiculously high THC content, it is natural for people to end up in states of euphoric couchlock, but not before letting the smoker’s walls down and making them highly sociable.

Jungle Cake’s high is cerebral, instantly lifting moods and mental states, and inducing a clear mind for utmost relaxation. At smaller yet equally strong doses, users can feel a rush of creativity and pure bliss, sending you into gentle fits of laughter if not lulling you to sleep. Oh, and it would be a good idea to keep the food stuff ready and within reach because Jungle Cake is known to give you the munchies.

Jungle Cake is undeniably an amazing high, but it also has its share of holistic effects. Its euphoric and mentally energizing effects make it the perfect choice for those who want to alleviate their bouts of anxiety and depression. Since it’s known to increase a person’s appetite, it can also be a great go-to strain for those who are suffering from eating disorders, loss of appetite, and even those who simply want to gain weight.

All in all, it’s a great bud for anyone who wants a good balance of physical and mental relief.

Our Verdict

Jungle Cake is not the kind of strain that you can live life without having tried. 

How to Get Yourself Some Jungle Cake Strain (and Where!)

With all that said, one thing is for sure: Jungle Cake is worth the hype. If your reason for looking it up was because you have heard only the best things about it, then believe us when we say it is worth every penny and more.

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