Investing in Our Community One Employee at a Time

At Higher Leaf, we not only believe in giving back to our community, but we think of our employees as part of that community and believe it’s important to invest in them as well. Whether it’s through professional development classes, health insurance benefits, book clubs, or awesome Holiday parties, co-founder Molly Honig is passionate about helping her employees grow and prosper. She says, “My favorite part of running our stores is the staff. Having that many people work for us is a bit of a challenge. It’s had its ups and downs. However, we’re always trying to move in the right direction to communicate and support each other no matter what our days throw at us.” 

Josh Sepulveda, Higher Leaf’s Assistant Buyer, has been with the company for two years. In that time, he’s made his way from budtender to shift leader to buyer and has been thrilled by the ride. He says, “Higher Leaf does plenty to make employees feel valued. They offer generous discounts and back-end benefits that most entry-level jobs just don’t have. They also personalize gifts for work anniversaries, host occasional staff parties (off-site of course!), and keep us nourished with plenty of snacks and drinks.” 

If five years ago, you’d told Molly that in 2017 she’d be running two retail marijuana shops, she might have thought you were crazy. However, now she can’t imagine anything else, “Creating 45 jobs that didn’t exist before has had a huge impact on me. It’s a powerful thing to have built a store where people spend their full work week and depend on me for their livelihood. I want to make sure that not only are our customers happy to come into our stores, but our employees are too.”

It’s a strategy that’s working. Josh can’t say enough about his time at Higher Leaf, “It’s amazing to work at a place that creates an avenue for helping the community–by connecting customers with their cannabis needs, by pursuing philanthropic endeavors, or simply by providing an environment for people to connect and share experiences. Either way, we strive to continuously enhance the lives of our customers and employees through our products and practices.” We believe that this type of attitude is a game changer. It not only helps build up our employees but strengthens our community as a whole. We love that our everyone from our budtenders on up is informed, engaged, and always happy to strike up a conversation with both newbies and long-time customers.  

To stock up on supplies or to have a chat with our friendly budtenders, stop by our Kirkland or Bellevue weed shops to load up on The Eastside’s Best Bud. We have $5 gram specials every day and offer price matching on regularly priced items. We can’t wait to see you!