Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Marijuana comes in three different varieties and each type has specific effects that influence your high. The first question your Higher Leaf Budtender will ask is if you’re looking for a Sativa, Indica or Hybrid strain so we know exactly what to recommend. While many cannabis connoisseurs enjoy all three types of marijuana, some users exclusively use one or two of the varieties. Explore the different types of cannabis to find the perfect strain for your next high.

Look for short and bushy flowers to identify Indica plants. These fat buds grow shorter than Sativa flowers, which makes them ideal for indoor or greenhouse gardening. Common effects can include a heavy body high known as couch lock, a calming reduction in stress and the ability to fall quickly asleep. Users with anxiety and insomnia tend to prefer Indica buds over Sativa. Our customer’s favorite Indica strains at Higher Leaf are P-91 (F**k Yeah!) by Phat Panda, Pineapple Kush by Noble Farms and Cowgirl Cookies by Hempire. Remember that Indica’s sedating effects put you ‘In Da Couch’ and you’ll never forget which type of bud to buy again.

indica and sativa cannabis plants side by side

These long, thin flowers thrive in outdoor gardens because of their tall stalks. Sativa buds take a bit longer to mature than Indica buds, but they can also grow over twice as high! Common effects of Sativa buds include mentally stimulating energy, invigorating creativity and a boost in happiness or motivation. Users may experience uncontrollable laughter, aka the giggles, and enhanced enjoyment of music, movies, food and other activities that stimulate the 5 senses. Higher Leaf’s most popular Sativa strains include Silver Surfer by Honey Creek, Tropical OG by Salish Sativas and Golden Pineapple by Phat Panda. 

The best hybrid strains boast a well balanced mix of effects from both parents. Hybrid plants appear similar to their parent strains, but part of the fun is that you never know exactly what the buds will look like or smell like until a hybrid plant matures. Any crossed strain can be considered a hybrid, including a mix of two Sativas or two Indicas. Expertly bred hybrids have a lower chance of triggering the anxiety some Sativa buds are known for and have less sedation power compared to pure Indica buds. Hybrid favorites at Higher Leaf include Go Time by Sasquatch Cannabis, Strawberry Frost by Salish Sativas and Bubble Bomb by Heavenly Buds.

At Higher Leaf, we want our customers to enjoy every strain they try from our our shelves. The next time you shop for marijuana in Kirkland or Bellevue, think about a few different criteria. What will you be doing during your high, how do you want to feel and what effects are you looking to experience or avoid? Our Budtenders will match your mood and agenda with the perfect strain! We suggest keeping a journal with detailed notes about how your high felt for your records. Shop the Higher Leaf Kirkland menu here and the Higher Leaf Bellevue menu here to see what Sativa, Indica and Hybrid marijuana strains are in store before your next visit.