How To Buy Marijuana From A Dispensary

If marijuana is now available for recreational use in your country or state, it’s not uncommon for first-timers to feel quite excited. Of course, it might be that you hope to purchase as much as possible and get started with abandon, but before you do that, considering how best to go about this can be essential.

After all, it’s not only essential to know what kind of weed you hope to smoke, but how you can ensure it’s been ethically and responsibly grown, in a manner that gets you the highest quality product for your needs.

Buying marijuana from a dispensary, then, is generally considered to be one of the best ways in going about this. Dispensaries are licensed sellers of all kinds of cannabis products, and often take great pride in building relationships with their customers by ensuring they deliver each and every time. 

A good dispensary also has a solidified interest in being as transparent, educational and open as possible, as the more they can demystify hard-boiled attitudes surrounding marijuana and its intake, they can prevent it from being scheduled unnecessarily again.

Do a little research beforehand…

It can be nice to know what your intentions are before heading to a dispensary. Often, dispensaries have online web pages which can help you browse their product list as well as their FAQ’s on display.

Here, you could see exactly how they might sell certain edibles, for example, which miligram quantities you could purchase. You may also be curious as to how dispensaries may be functioning to keep safe against Covid, and the best dispensary websites will have that front and center. While it’s totally fine to be a newcomer to cannabis products, it can simply feel a little more enjoyable to have a cursory knowledge of what you may expect.

…Yet don’t be afraid to ask questions:

Dispensary owners and staff are always absolutely happy to help run you through the products they sell and that which may be suitable for you as a beginner, or perhaps someone who hasn’t consumed cannabis products for some time.

After all, if it’s been ten years since you last rolled a joint, the grades of weed, the strains therein, and the vast array of edible products are quite impressive. In this way, weed is generally stronger than that you may have sourced as a young adult, and so it’s a good idea to dip your toe back into the practice with care.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Generally, you can call them, email them, or just visit a dispensary to ask your questions and see what may be available. Be sure to tell them you’re new, and they’ll be all too happy to help you feel comfortable. 

Remember – there are no stupid questions. While cannabis products are exceedingly safe, unless you’re purchasing a strictly CBD item, there are psychoactive properties to consider. For that reason, it’s good to feel assured and comfortable when trying it. Dispensaries will trip over themselves to ensure you have a great experience so that you come back.

Be honest about your experience level:

It can often seem as though there’s a competitive aspect to consuming cannabis, which is a toxic and unnecessary state of mind. Unfortunately, this regularly applies to those who may be smoking among friends, or those who may wish to prove just how capable they are. A good rule of thumb is to respect cannabis, and it will respect you.

After all, what’s better? Going in and asking for a high-miligram set of edibles, coming home and having no fun at all, or admitting you’re new, trying something a little less intensive, and having a great time at home? 

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, and a small pipe can often do the job much more appropriately than a massive mega-bong that looks imposing on your kitchen table. Great dispensaries seek to ensure that proper use and respect towards cannabis are the essential elements of how they sell and what they recommend – but they can’t do that unless you’re honest about your experience level.

Choose the right dispensary:

There are a few virtues you should look for when deciding on a dispensary to use. This can help you ensure you’re not only purchasing from a reliable business, but one you can return to again and again. Here’s the list we would recommend checking against:

  • Online and in-person stores – a dispensary that offers both in-store and online options proves that they are a valid business with a real address and a real brand to promote. Online-only dispensaries aren’t necessarily less ‘valid,’ but for a first-timer, it can be nice to be seen in person.

  • A real desire to educate – dispensaries that care about educating their customers are, for obvious reasons, those you should trust.

  • A newsletter or blog – this shows that not only do they care about outreach, but the continual care of their clients. It’s not hard to see how this shows the positive priorities of a dispensary.

  • Transparent weed menus – it’s good to know what’s on the menu, and how rotating, interesting stock is continually brought in. This ensures that you can feel comfortable both going in to choose something that strikes your fancy, as well as routinely feeling excited by the latest offerings you can try.

  • Loyalty cards (optional, but nice to have) – this is by no means necessary, but a loyalty card scheme can help you keep coming back and saving money in the long term. It shows a dispensary cares about investing in the positive experience of their clients.

What dispensaries would we recommend?

There are many dispensaries out there, but Higher Leaf has proven to be a cut above. From offering a regularly growing and alternating library of stock, to having two excellent dispensaries in Kirkland and Bellevue WA, they’re available for first-time users and long-time weed veterans alike.

If you have any questions, be sure to give them a call. Odds are, they’ll be more than happy to service all of your cannabis-based needs.