Get Your Halloween On

It’s getting creepy around here. Halloween is right around the corner and whether your thing is creating the ultimate zombie costume, carving the perfect pumpkin, or just eating as much candy as is humanly possible, this holiday’s got something for you. We at Higher Leaf think that just about any occasion can be improved with cannabis, so here are a few trick-or-toke tips to consider for making your Halloween truly spooktacular. Just remember, if there are kids running around on a sugar high, make sure to keep any 21+ treats out of their reach.

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Party On, Dude

Whether you’re dancing the night away as Bill or Ted on their excellent adventure, showing off your latest Star Wars themed pumpkin carving extravaganza, or hosting a Stranger Things viewing party (season two drops on Friday!) a Halloween party is a great way get your friends together and let loose. No party is complete without some excellent nosh, so we’ve rounded up a few marijuana edible recipes to get your party started on a high note. Make like (21+) trick-or-treaters and check out these Weed-Infused Caramels, or these Death By Chocolate Cannabis Cupcakes. Want something savory for your party? Try out this Spiderweb Dip with “Baked” Tortilla Chips.

Take Your Treats to Go

Don’t have time to throw a party or make something at home this year? Stop by one of our happy little pot shops and browse our array of edibles. A massive favorite are BonBombs, from Verdelux, which come in milk chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate, or raspberry dark chocolate; or ZootBlasts, a 30mg energy shot edible by Zoots. This edible is our budtender Lizzie’s favorite, “Quick, easy, and packed with enough caffeine and THC to make you sit up and take notice, ‘Zoobies’, are by far and away my favorite edible…they work fast and crank up my life enjoyment level by at least ten notches.”

Unwind After a Fright

Ready to power down after a night of running to and from your front door with your doorbell going crazy, or need to find your mellow after a truly horrifying haunted house experience? We’ve got some excellent recommendations for you!

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Our budtender, Sterling, recommends Sasquatch Cannabis Co.’s Marionberry Kush pre-roll. “I like the sweet flavor and easy smoke. Being a heavy Indica as well makes it a great note to end the day on.” Or try out Chris’s recommendation and go for Honey Creek’s Tangerine Dream flower. Chris says, “Tangerine Dream has a really sweet, orange aroma that’s uplifting and colorful without any wired or jittery effect. These dense, sticky, chunky buds can be smoked day or night!”

If you want to try out any recommendations or have any questions, stop by our Kirkland or Bellevue locations and talk to one of our helpful budtenders. Seriously, answering questions and handing out new ideas to customers makes our day. No matter how you celebrate the season, with or without marijuana, we here at Higher Leaf wish you a safe and happy Halloween! Now go forth and get your candy!

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