Gushers Strain Review

Gushers Strain Review: Breaking Down the Weed That Brings Out the Kids in Us

In today’s age of collective nostalgia, people are naturally drawn to almost anything that “takes them back.” The world of cannabis is no different, with a fair handful of strains holding the same power of reeling people in just by tugging at their childhood. One such strain is the Gushers strain.

Gushers strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that was first bred by Cookies Fam Genetics. It was created through the ingenious crossing of Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush, both powerhouse strains. As you may have guessed, the strain is named after the classic fruit snack from the nineties, which was loved (and is missed) by many stoners who were only kids at the time.

Gushers’ THC content varies from grower to grower but covers a range of 15% to as high as 29%, making it a great choice for almost any type of indica-high that you would want at any given moment. The strain is an easy favorite for novice and veteran smokers alike, as the resulting high is neither too light nor too heavy. It still gives off effects typical of indica strains, but it doesn’t leave you bound to your couch. It’s perfect for lazy days where you just want to bask in relaxation and nurse a gentle buzz.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes up this well-balanced wonder hybrid.

How the Gushers strain looks

Gushers strain nugs are dark green with hints of purple and amber hairs. They’re dense and gloriously sticky, and when broken down, the purple and red tones take over. Depending on the growing conditions, some buds can sport bright green spots all over.

The weed nuggets usually come in teardrop shapes, with a thin glistening sheet of trichomes adding to the exciting anticipation for the punch you are about to enjoy.

How the Gushers strain smells

When opening a jar or a bag of Gushers for the first time, you are greeted with a sweet combination of tropical, fruity, and creamy cookie aromas reminiscent of the extracted juices of the strain’s fruit snack namesake. The nasal experience is capped off with pleasant herbal overtones. 

How the Gushers strain tastes

When taken with a bong, Gushers can fill your nose with fruity and creamy scents, further proving the appropriateness of it being named the way it is.

When it’s smoked through a joint, Gushers strain is even tastier. The fruity flavors become even more intense, and it’s generally followed by a spicy aftertaste that will have you longing for another drag almost immediately after the last one.

Unlike some strains, with which the joint loses its nice flavor after being smoked for a while, toking off a joint of Gushers is a great experience because its sweet and tangy tastes are retained and are even more enhanced the longer you smoke it.

Gushers strain effects

Gushers is an easy favorite for many, as its most common effects are what stoners usually seek: euphoria, relaxation, an uplifted mood, and even creativity!

As an indica-dominant hybrid, the Gushers strain’s effects can take a few minutes to kick in. As soon as it does, though, you will feel a wonde1rfully overwhelming high creeping up the back of your neck before it goes and spreads throughout the rest of your body.

Once your body has adjusted to the high, you will immediately notice the calm and comfort embracing you and forming a cloud of chill bliss that you could very well stay in for hours—but only if you want to! Gushers doesn’t make you ‘couchlocked’, and instead leaves you with a pleasant euphoric feeling without doing away with the clarity you would need to go about your day like usual.

The Gushers strain affects you physically in that it directly combats headaches, muscle tension, and chronic pain, and effectively at that! This unique indica high is one that won’t forcefully drive you to sleep, but it can certainly help with insomnia since it works to relax you, both physically and mentally.

In a nutshell, the Gushers strain can give anyone who inhales or ingests it a sense of relief that will last them the whole day. It has a non-exhausting psychoactive quality that will endow users with a clear mind, a terrific body high, and a wonderful mood even well after its high wears off. It’s a crash anybody would enjoy, so to speak.


Let’s just say it right off the bat: Gushers strain is a solid 10 out of 10.

Its distinct mix of tangy and pastry-sweet scents and tastes gives justice to the original Gushers fruit snack, making it enjoyable right from prepping to smoking to feeling its effects. 

The balance between high and clarity, and euphoria and relaxation that one can get from this strain is such a winning attribute that easily puts Gushers in anybody’s top 5. 

While there are too many good indica-dominant hybrid strains out there (and for good reason), the edge that Gushers has is its unforced ability to give you that one of a kind feeling of happy-high without you having to compromise whatever activities you have had planned or are planning to do. It’s almost like you are given the choice to enjoy its euphoric effects however you want to. 

Bonus: Where to get it

Two things: either you haven’t had Gushers yet and are looking for where you could get yourself some, or had such a great experience with it before that you’re itching to replenish your stash and relish in the Gushers-induced bliss. Either way, we know just the place you should go to.

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Gushers is a strain that gives you warm feelings of childhood memories from the moment you hear about it, and then turns around and makes you appreciate the present after taking it.

Five final words to send you off:

You definitely can’t miss out!