Get Baked With ABV

Already Been Vaped (ABV) marijuana

Already Been Vaped (ABV) marijuana is heated and discarded plant matter that’s good for so much more than the compost heap. ABV is the byproduct that both handheld and table top vaporizers leave behind after smoking. While you can vape your herb until it’s black, leaving a little color in your green means you can cook up something “special” for a second round. Since you’ve already heated, aka decarbed the bud, you can technically just eat straight ABV. We have a few better tasting options below.

This is the most popular method of consuming ABV! Top a graham cracker with ABV and cover in peanut butter. Bake at 375 for 6 minutes. Add a marshmallow and bake for another 2-3 minutes or until marshmallow is soft. Top with a graham cracker and enjoy the fireworks. Yum!

You can make some pretty powerful cannabutter or cannaoil using enough ABV, but you’ll have to save it up or pool with your pals. Just follow your favorite recipe and use 1 oz. of ABV for every cup of butter or oil. Stew in a crock pot and strain as usual. Try a small serving to see how potent your pot butter is before going all out. 

Granola Parfait
Make a breakfast pick me up using Greek yogurt and granola. Mix 2g of AVB into a half cup of granola and layer into 1 cup of yogurt. Top with your favorite fruit to mask the earthy ABV flavor. Add a dollop of whipped cream or a drizzle of chocolate sauce for extra sweetness. 

Chunky Chili
An easy way to enjoy ABV for both both vegans and meat-lovers! Just add ABV to you favorite meat based or all veggie chili recipe. About 1 cup should be enough to spice up your night and leave you with leftovers. Add lipids like cheese, sour cream or nut based substitutes to help enhance your high.

ABV Capsules
These little beauties are great for setting your own dose. Just fill empty gelatin capsules with finely ground ABV and close. They are shelf stable for quite a while and are easy to enjoy on the go. Try one or two to start until you find your perfect balance.

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The next time you empty your vaporizer, hang onto the leftover herb to give it a second life as an edible. Have your own favorite recipe using ABV that Higher Leaf didn’t mention? Tell us in the comments!