Galactic Glue Strain

If there’s one word to best describe Galactic Glue, it’s “balanced.” This strain that’s equal parts indica and sativa is one that packs a perfect blend of effects that make it an easy favorite for many smokers, especially those with high tolerance.

Galactic Glue is a favorite among cannabis fans as it produces a perfect mix of cerebral and body effects during the high that often leads users to come back for more time and time again.

Galactic Glue is a charming choice of strain for days when you just want to bask in blissful clarity and much-needed self-reflection. With its ridiculously high THC content averaging 20 to 25%, Galactic Glue is a strain that newbies might want to save for when they’ve had more experience with weed, although they most definitely have heard of it. After all, strains with the same initial as this hybrid have all proven to be worth the try.

As its name implies, this hybrid will take you on an interstellar adventure that most definitely turns out to be a delight for the mind and body alike.

Galactic Glue is often dubbed as a crowd favorite. In this review, we’ll tell you why. Let’s jump right to it!

The Origins of the Galactic Glue Strain

The first stop is Galactic Glue’s supreme genetics. What started as an experiment by Alphakronik Genes to test out how great Gorilla Glue’s breeding abilities resulted in a phenomenal strain that’s loved by many today. Crossing GG#4 with Gobbstopper to produce Galactic Glue was one of the best decisions they have ever made.

Galactic Glue is 50% indica and 50% sativa, the perfect balance that lots of people are constantly on the lookout for.

The Beauty of Galactic Glue

Next up is the aesthetics of the Galactic Glue strain.

Galactic Glue nugs come in shapes reminiscent of pepper. They are mint green with yellow-orange hairs with a sheet of crystal amber trichomes all over. It’s such an inviting eye candy that will surely get anyone excited to get a taste. 

Galactic Glue’s Aroma and Flavor

The Galactic Glue Strain is indeed really pretty, but its scent is enough to make it go from simply inviting to full-on mouth-watering.

Galactic Glue has a pleasant array of berry, pine, skunk, and spicy aromas. To some, it’s a strange combination, but many others enjoy the bold mix.

The flavor of Galactic Glue is a welcome contrast. It has a sharp, bitter taste that’s beautifully accented by hints of sweet and fruity berry flavors. This mix is one that will make the process of getting high as enjoyable as the high itself.

The Power of the Galactic Glue Strain

Now on to the part that we all love to talk about: the effects of this powerful hybrid.

The Galactic Glue high is one of the most potent and mind-numbing strains out there. It’s both cerebral in its effects, as well as relaxing. Some of those who have tried the strain report a slow build-up of brain boost that makes them all chatty and giggly before lulling them into a state of extreme relaxation that will slowly progress into deep sedation. Others say it skips the alertness typical of sativa strains and goes straight into euphoric couchlock effects.

Though its psychoactive effects vary from user to user, they can all agree on one thing: Galactic Glue is a highly potent strain—that lower 20s THC content is no joke—that is the best choice for when you need a break and a blissful introspective talk with yourself. Newbies are strongly encouraged to beef up on their cannabis escapades before trying this powerhouse.

Galactic Glue also benefits health in a number of ways. Along with the relaxing effects, it has also been consistently reported to reduce pain and can alleviate symptoms of various conditions such as depression, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis.

In a nutshell, the Galactic Glue strain is great for treating both mental and physical conditions. It has a well-balanced high from the indica side of its genetics, with euphoria, giddiness, happiness, and energy, while its sativa side lets users practically float through a day while still having plenty of focus to complete tasks and stay active.

These effects brought on by Galactic Glue can hit pretty hard when you first smoke it, and are quick to set in for some while others find that the effects last longer than most strains before tapering off into a relaxed state.

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