Give The Gift of Flower For Valentine’s Day

Make your sweetheart smile with a little something green this Valentine’s Day. Marijuana comes in a literal rainbow of colors, so who needs a bouquet? Learn the love language of flowers to show off your sentimental side just in time for this romantic holiday.

Blue Flowers are renowned for their calming and peaceful properties. Gift these flowers for a message of openness and serenity. Receiving these flowers can be an antidote to nervousness and the color is the ideal for new love. Popular Blue strains include Blue Dream (h), Strawberry Blue (s) and Blueberry (i).

Green Flowers are synonymous with nature and health. You’ll wish them a lifetime of resilience, good fortune and youth. These flowers can also send a message of optimism and renewal. Popular Green strains include Green Ribbon (h), Green Crack (s) and Emerald Dream (i).

Purple Flowers send a message of dignity, pride and success. These vibrant flowers can also represent accomplishment and admiration. Popular Purple strains include Grape Ape (i), Purple Trainwreck (h) and Purple Haze (s).

Yellow Flowers evoke the feelings of lightheartedness and joy in the recipient. The vibrant color also symbolizes friendship and happiness. Popular Yellow strains include Lemon Berry Diesel (h), Lemon Haze (s) and Super Lemon OG (i).

Orange Flowers represent a gift of thanks in repayment. They also have a meaning of understanding and heartfelt sincerity. Popular Orange strains include Orange Crush (h), Agent Orange (s) and Orange Kush (i).

Red Flowers commonly stand for desire, strength, and passionate love. With beauty, courage and heat as its symbolism Popular Red strains include Strawberry Frost (h), Strawberry Cough (s) and Strawberry Fields (i). 

White Flowers are representative of innocence, humility, and reverence. The delicate blossoms can also convey modesty and elegance. Popular White strains include White Widow (h), White Durban (s) and Berry White (i).

When it comes to cannabis, color can reflect a strain’s genetics, which terpenes are present and even the conditions the plant was grown in, but colors also hold a deeper meaning. Think about the floral language of love the next time you give the gift of marijuana to someone in your life. Have more questions? Ask your Higher Leaf Budtender in Kirkland or Bellevue for their recommendations.