Favorite Summer Edibles

With Summer in full swing our customers are asking about low calorie edibles they can enjoy regularly or tasty treats to bring to their next summer event. There are so many great options under 100 calories as well as amazing edibles that pack a sugary punch for any party. See what our Budtenders named as some their favorite edibles for the summer season. 

Zoot Blasts – Hit the pool or take your bike out for a spin with the help from a Zoot blast, affectionately called Zoobies by Higher Leaf Budtenders. These low calorie energy shots lift your mood, help you focus and take the edge off in 10mg or 30mg options. Drink a bottle 30 minutes to 1 hour before you need a boost and get ready to enjoy an energizing, but focus friendly high.

RSO – While you can eat a serving of RSO, its not technically an edible. That shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with sweet summer treats and one of the most potent concentrate products available on the market. Inject a dollop of 0 calorie RSO into a strawberry or other fruit for a refreshing bite. You can also mix the syrupy concentrate into any number of snacks, beverages and desserts for your next Bud BBQ. This stuff is powerful so start with a small amount to determine your dose.

Ethos Tinctures – These beverage concentrates come in a variety of formulas and add nearly zero calories to your favorite beverage. Add a few drops of tincture to a pitcher of lemonade or iced tea for refreshing spiked party drinks. Higher Leaf Budtenders also like to add a few drops to seltzer water, soda pop and even energy drinks. Make sure any edibles or infused beverages you bring to a party are labeled so guests are aware that it contains THC.

Winterlife Spikers & Spirits – These concentrated beverage syrups are the hit of any party! Each 100mg contains 10 servings of THC or CBD fun. Depending on the mixer, a standard pour has fewer calories than your average alcoholic cocktail and there’s no risk of a hangover the next day. Try delicious flavors like Lime Highball and Ginger Mint Julep on the rocks or add it to your favorite picnic drink.

Zoot Rocks – A discrete and delicious bite sized edible in THC and CBD varieties. These little 5mg candies are perfect to take on the go to enjoy anytime. Try the sugar free Tart Green Apple or some of their other fun flavors. They’re the prefect start to any summer day and the convenient 20 pack just keeps on giving.

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