How To Enjoy Legal Marijuana Responsibly

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, Nevada and Massachusetts is such a hot topic, the acceptance of cannabis use has never been more mainstream. Responsible enjoyment of marijuana is important part of reducing the stigma associated with cannabis consumption that we can all play a part in. Read more about the most common questions Higher Leaf hears from our customers about the rules.

Q. Can I smoke or consume Marijuana in Washington?


A. Yes! If you over 21 years of age you are allowed to smoke or consume marijuana in Washington state. No marijuana products should leave the state lines. After purchasing marijuana at Higher Leaf, please note that you cannot open your product in our store or in the Higher Leaf parking lot. 

Q. How much marijuana can I buy?

A. 1 ounce (28 grams) of marijuana flower
      -Includes Pre-Rolls

7 grams of extract for inhalation
       -Includes concentrates like wax, shatter, icing,             kief, resin and CO2/BHO cartridges

16 ounces of infused product in solid form
     -Includes baked goods, candies, & infused snacks

72 oz. in liquid form for both edibles and topicals
     -Includes sodas, sublingual sprays, drink drops,           and topical creams & oils

A. Washington passed a marijuana open container law that mimics the state’s alcohol open container law in September 2015. Marijuana must be kept out of reach of the driver either behind the back seat or the trunk. It must be in its original, unopened packaging. The glove box or center console are within reach of the driver, so make sure you don’t put you purchase there. Failure to transport your weed in compliance with the new law can result in a $136 fine. Remember, you can’t open your purchase in Higher Leaf and you can’t open it or consume it in our parking lot. 

Q. How do I transport marijuana in my car?

A. As per Washington state rules, the only returns that Higher Leaf and other cannabis retailers are allowed to accept are returns related to mechanical failure. This applies to the CO2/BHO Oil Cartridges or ‘Vape Pens’ that are growing in popularity. If your cartridge is clogged, leaking or malfunctioning in any other way you can bring it back to Higher Leaf for an even exchange. Remember to hang onto the original packaging and receipt just in case. Visit our Help page to learn more tips on storing your cartridge correctly.

Q. Can I return the marijuana I bought?

Have another question about marijuana compliance? Give us a shout at or ask your Budtender the next time you visit Higher Leaf. You can also find answers to other common questions in our FAQ. Together we can show the world what responsible marijuana consumption looks like and help reduce the stigma surrounding its use.