Elevate Your Next High

When it comes to marijuana the list of paraphernalia is endless! All you really need is some bud, a lighter and a smoking device, but you can improve your smoking experience with a few simple accessories. The Budtenders at Higher Leaf named their favorite items to elevate your next high.

GRINDER – One of the most common questions our Budtenders hear is, “Why do I need a grinder?” Technically, you don’t. You can tear and shred your weed by hand and it’ll get you perfectly high. Grinders ensure your weed is evenly ground for a smoother smoke. Many grinders include a kief catcher to store the tasty trichomes that fall off for future enjoyment.


HEMP WICK & MATCHES – There’s nothing wrong with using a lighter, but you can always improve how you light up. Matches are great for evenly lighting a blunt or joint. Hemp wicks make sharing a bowl or bong easier than ever. Just wrap a few lengths around a lighter and start a flame on the wick to pass around the smoke circle with your bowl.

SCREENS – Depending on your school of thought a screen can be an unnecessary annoyance or a life saver. It really comes down to how you pack a bowl. If you find yourself picking flakes of ash and leaf off your tongue, then you should use a screen to block the finely ground marijuana from making it to your mouth. Higher Leaf has packs of screens available for sale in Kirkland and Bellevue and a Budtender can show you exactly how to insert one in a bowl.

CARRYING CASE – If you have ever traveled with glass, you know how cautious you have to be of breaking it in transit. A carrying case is a must have if you move your glass around the state. Available in multiple sizes, a case can safely store your bong, pipe or bubbler as well as keep smoking paraphernalia like lighters, grinders and other gadgets in one place for easy access. The StashLogix case at Higher Leaf has compartments for any size tools and a convenient lock that protects your stuff from nosy family members or room mates.

GLASS CLEANER – You don’t have to get fancy with glass cleaner. A simple combination of rubbing alcohol and salt is enough to clean even the dirtiest of glass. Try to clean your glass as soon as the sides collect a layer of grunge. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to clean and the dirtier your next inhale will taste. You can find easy to use 420 Glass Cleaner at Higher Leaf in Kirkland and Bellevue that works better than basic rubbing alcohol on your pieces. 

ROLLING TRAY – Keep loose marijuana safe and stash all your joint making accessories on a rolling tray. You’ll also catch bits of weed that can be reused in future joints. A tray can seem like more clutter, but you may find that having a dedicated place to set lighters, dirty pokers and other accessories keeps the mess contained to one area.

FILTER BOOKS – If you roll your own joints, using a filter can help with style as well as airflow. Just tear a strip off, roll it in along with the paper. You’ll catch more ash from entering your mouth and enjoy a smoother smoke. Many filter books include instructions for their use. Higher Leaf Budtenders in Kirkland and Bellevue can also demonstrate exactly how to use a filter at your next visit.

JOINT ROLLING MACHINE – Handcrafting an evenly burning joint is a skill that takes time to master. You can make symmetrical joints in seconds with a rolling machine. They’re small and easy to stash, and even easier to use. You just load the device with ground marijuana, slip a rolling paper into the machine and rotate. Ask a Higher Leaf Budtender in Kirkland and Bellevue for more info and tricks on using a rolling machine.

POKER – Toothpicks, BBQ skewers and bobby pins are any stoner’s go to pointy cleaning tool. A real poker keeps bowls clean after every pack and they can be washed for many uses. Keep a poker on hand to clean clogged bowls, clean out one hitters and scrape kief out of your grinder with ease.

ASH TRAY – An ash tray may seem like an unnecessary tool when you can just as easily ash a bowl or joint in any spare cup or planter. You can certainly ash in anything, but an ash tray is reusable and cleanable. You can also find some really cute designs that match the vibe of your smoking space.

The accessories listed above may not be for every smoker, but a couple should work into your routine with ease. If you have any questions about the items mentioned, you can always ask a Higher Leaf Budtender in Kirkland and Bellevue to demonstrate exactly how everything is used. We hope your next high is elevated to a whole new level!