Eco-Friendly Uses For Marijuana Packaging

One of the biggest challenges vendors face is selecting creative and functional packaging for their products. We hate to see so many jars, containers and joint tubes in the trash, so we asked our Budtenders to share how they give packaging new life. This 4/20, get ready to celebrate Earth Day by repurposing your jars and containers for decor, organization and cleaning. 

Before using the leftover packaging for any project, we suggest soaking the jars and joint tubes in hot water. This will allow the labels to soften and will help remove any marijuana residue from the inside of the jars. Scrub with dish soap or rubbing alcohol to clean the insides thoroughly. 

Vases & Planters – The bigger the jar, the more you can do with it. Some of our Budtenders love to re-purpose the empty jars to bring a little more green into their life! Use the jars to hold fresh cut flowers on your desk as a budget vase. Tie colored ribbons around the jars for even more fun. You can also plant easy to grow staples like basil, thyme, cilantro and rosemary for a simple, but functional kitchen herb garden. Start with seeds or seedlings and keep the plants near a window. 

Herb & Spice Containers – We see so many different jar sizes at Higher Leaf that we almost don’t know what to do with them all. Almost. The smaller jars are great for storing herbs and spices. Consider using a label maker to tag each jar or have some fun with colored permanent markers. Herbs and spices will stay fresh and the tiny containers are ideal to bring camping or on a picnic.

Craft Organization – Keep your project area clean with organizational jars! Fill with buttons, needles and pins, ribbons and more! You can see everything through the clear glass for quick access and know exactly which jar to grab. They stack easily, so the small storage containers won’t take up much space in your craft area. Different jars can do double duty to store art supplies or be used to rinse brushes.

Small Part Organization – You can use the jars and joint tubes to store anything that will fit. Dismantling an electronic device with small parts? Use multiple jars to hold all the different size screws and washers. Love to tinker on your car? Keep nuts and bolts separated with joint tubes.

Paraphernalia Cleaning – The different sized jars and bags can also be used to help clean the smaller parts of your paraphernalia. Just place rubbing alcohol and salt in a seal-able container with a bowl, down stem, or other part and let it soak. Gently rotate a jar with the lid on or massage a closed plastic bag to force the alcohol mixture through every nook and cranny. You can also use the cork stopper that comes in some pre-roll tube to block a down stem for vigorous cleaning. Just plug the down stem and shake!

Recycle & Compost – Much of the packaging material you see can be recycled, but make sure you read your local rules first. You can safely dispose of many different jars, plastic bags and joint tubes in recycling bins. There are some companies, like Soulshine, that use packaging made from compostable and recycled materials to decrease their impact on the environment. Ask a Higher Leaf Budtender about products that use plant starch packaging, biodegradable sugar cane labels and stickers, and vegetable inks for printing.

You can spend this Earth Day keeping a few more pieces of waste away from the landfill. Have your own uses for marijuana packaging? Let us know in the comments or share your favorite re-purposing techniques on social media! Looking for more info about recycled and compostable packaging? Just ask a Higher Leaf Budtender at your next visit!