Decoding Dabs

If you’re looking for a powerful high, dabbing may be for you! You’ll feel the mind-blowing effects of concentrated THC like you’ve never experienced before. To help you get ready for the best 4/20 yet, Higher Leaf has everything you need to know to try your first dab.

What is dabbing?
The phrase dabbing refers to heating concentrated cannabis on a hot surface and inhaling the smoke that is released. There are a variety of different concentrates on the market like shatter, wax, icing, rosin, pull-n-snap and more. The solvent used and the extraction process can lead to different textures, terpene profiles, and strength. You can read more about the different concentrate options here or ask a Higher Leaf Budtender in Kirkland or Bellevue for more info. 

cannabis extract on a paper


Dab Rig- The smoking paraphernalia that allows you to enjoy a dab. Usually a glass piece that looks similar to a bong, but has dab attachment instead of the traditional bowl.

Dabber- This is the tool that you use to apply the concentrate to the head of the nail.

Nail- The metal or quartz part of the dab rig that you heat and apply the concentrate directly onto.

Torch- This is what you’ll use to heat the nail in preparation for your hit. You can also use a heat gun or Creme Brulee torch. A regular lighter is not recommended as you won’t be able to heat the nail to a high enough temperature to take a dab.

Dome- This glass bubble helps trap the smoke that is released once you apply a small dab to the heated nail.

How to dab

How do I dab?
Now that you know what dabbing equipment you need, you can try your first dab! 

1) Heat the nail with your torch until it becomes red hot. Use a torch or heat gun to ensure the nail get heated to a high enough temperature.

2) Allow your heated nail to cool for a up to 45 seconds, then place the dome over the nail. While you’re waiting, scoop a small dose of concentrate onto your dabber

3) Once the nail has cooled just a bit, apply the concentrate directly to the heated nail. You can rub the dabber around the heated nail to release the most smoke and avoid wasting any concentrate.

3) Inhale and enjoy, but be careful! Your equipment will be hot enough to burn, so check all your items before touching them after use.

Choosing a Dabbing Device
Dab Rig- This water piece is the most common way to dab. You can chose between glass and silicon in a variety of sizes at Higher Leaf. We also carry all the dabbing paraphernalia you may need like dabbers and new nails.

Dab Rig with E-Nail- Some dab rigs come with an electronic nail, no torch necessary! Just turn it on and let it heat up before applying a dab.

Dab Pen- Made for dabbing on the go with ease, electronic dab pens let you enjoy concentrates without dragging bulky equipment with you. Higher Leaf in Kirkland & Bellevue has a selection of electronic dab pens available in a variety of price ranges. Ask a Budtender about all your options.

Nectar Collector- A newer item on the market, this silicon device let’s you dab with less mess and less equipment. Available in a variety of bright colors, our Budtenders can walk you through exactly how to use this nifty little piece. 

Have more questions about dabbing? The Budtenders at Higher Leaf can help! Stop by Higher Leaf in Kirkland or Bellevue and let a Budtender know you’re interested in dabbing for the first time. They can walk you through all the different equipment options. Shop the menu to see which concentrates strains are in stock now!