Daylight Savings Starter Pack

Daylight savings starts at 2am on Sunday, March 12th! We may lose an hour of sleep, but we gain an hour of daylight. In honor of more sun, we’ve extended Higher Leaf Bellevue’s new hours to 10am to 10pm 7 days a week! You can check out the Bellevue menu here.

Budtender at Higher Leaf thought about some of their favorite wake and bake products we carry in Kirkland and Bellevue. Get ready for daylight savings time with some of the marijuana strain and prodycts from our Energizing Starter Pack.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck by Heavenly Buds – Unlock your brain’s creative side and enjoy a nice creative spark of energy! / 1g-16 / 3.5g-54

Mendocino Purple by Phat Panda – High Times Top 10 Winner 2007 / 1g-16

Old Blue Dream Pre-Roll by Waterstone – A wiser Blue Dream that delivers powerful revitalization. / 1g-8

Tangerine Dream Pre-Roll by Honey Creek – Smooth with fresh citrus taste.  / 1.5g-11

Oakor Sativa Breath Strips – Applied directly under the tongue for quick release. / 10mg-5

Pina Colada Vape Cartridge by Phat Panda  / .5g-35 / 1g-68

Sativa Serum by Ethos Innovates – Activated RSO that’s ready to dab, smoke or eat! / 1g-59

Legal Soda Coffee Mocha by Mirth / 10mg-11 / 20mg-20 / 40mg-32 / 80mg-44 / 100mg-59

Moxey Mints CBD Ginger by Spot / 20pk-45

Energy Shot by Zoots – A quick burst THC and energy / 10mg-5 / 30mg-13

Recharge THC Capsules – Fairwinds – Quick and easy to use Sativa capsules. / 10pk=100mg 31

Stop by Higher Leaf Kirkland and Higher Leaf Bellevue for all your energizing strains and products! Just ask your Budtender about their favorite energy boosting picks. We’ll get you stocked up just in time to fight those sleepy Monday blues.