Choosing A Concentrate

Concentrates are king when it comes to feeling as high as the sky. Whether you prefer shatter, wax, or CO2 oil, Higher Leaf in Kirkland has options for every kind of concentrate lover. Not familiar with BHO and CO2 extraction or don’t know the difference between rosin and live resin? Don’t worry! Learn how to choose the perfect Concentrate.

The term “concentrate” refers to any oil, wax or shatter that’s vaporized or smoked or any tincture used sublingually under the tongue. Concentrates are considered cannabis products that use an extraction process using pressure, butane, CO2 or alcohol. Extraction method can impact the kind of concentrate you enjoy if you prefer natural techniques over methods that use butane or alcohol.

Hash is probably the oldest marijuana concentrate around and is made from collected and compressed resin or kief. More potent than smoking bud, hash offers an elevated experience for smokers and just a layer of kief adds a nice boost to any bowl. This concentrate is a favorite of users who prefer all natural extraction methods and don’t want to invest in dabbing paraphernalia. Higher Leaf carries a traditional Lebanese Gold Hash in .5g and 1g sizes. Add a layer of hash to any bowl, blunt or bong rip for an extra powerful high.

CO2 oil uses supercritical fluid extraction used to maximize the cannabinoids and terpenes of the marijuana plant while maintaining their delicate structure. The supercritical CO2 goes through a series of extraction vessels at specific pressures and temperatures, flooding the plant material and extracting clean cannabinoid profiles. It’s then separated and filtered from the ground marijuana. The final drop in pressure allows the excess CO2 to evaporate, leaving the cannabis oil behind. CO2 extraction is naturally occurring and leaves behind no residues. Examples of CO2 concentrates include Avitas and Liberty Reach Cartridges with potency averaging between 60% and 85% THC. You can also find a standard 510 batteries available at Higher Leaf in Kirkland.

A BHO (Butane Hash Oil) concentrate is oil extracted from marijuana using butane as the solvent. BHO is made by putting the plant material in sieved container and pushing butane through it without loosing plant material. The butane is allowed to escape and eventually evaporate. The plant material it stripped of it cannabinoids and terpenes by the butane and when done correctly, maintains their flavor and potency profiles. Examples of BHO on our menu includes Phat Panda shatter, which is usually amber in color and shatters like hard candy, and Blue Sky Growers wax, which is a softer oil concentrate. THC potency can test as high as 80%-90%, so this a favorite for anyone seeking a strong high.

Live resin is another BHO concentrate that uses fresh, frozen cannabis flowers cut from the plant before they’ve been dried or cured. This concentrate is rich with the terpenes that give each individual strain its specific flavor and aroma profile. Live resin maintains the terpene profile that’s usually lost in the curing process because it’s capturing the terpenes of a live plant instead of the dried flower used in most BHO concentrates. Live resin is a wonderful and tasty way to enjoy the layered flavors of fresh cannabis. Try Dab Lab or Honu Live Resin and let us know what you think in our feedback section.

Rosin is a solventless concentrate that’s made from heating and compressing the flowers, kief or hash from the cannabis plant. Relatively simple to make at home, requiring only some parchment paper and a hair straightener, this high potency concentrate is becoming popular because of the distinct lack of additives like butane or alcohol.

A tincture is a liquid concentrate, typically procured through alcohol extraction, which strips the plant of its beneficial cannabinoids. Tinctures are usually made with coconut oil or glycerin and are available in a variety of flavors and dosages. They are a great alternative for cannabis consumers who prefer not to smoke. We carry Fairwinds THC and CBD tinctures, as well as mood elevating and sleep inducing tinctures from Ethos. Place a drop or two of tincture under your tongue or add it your favorite beverage and enjoy the quick acting effects.

We recommend that you try all the different types of concentrates to discover your favorite! Our Budtenders can suggest a concentrate for you or a friend depending on the kind of high you’re looking for this holiday season. Treat yourself to something special and ask about the easy to use Stay Lit Pen for wax and oil concentrates or the discrete Dopen designed for any brand of CO2 cartridge. Merry Kushmas and Hempy Holidays from everyone here at Higher Leaf!