CBD-Infused Beverages Guide

When talking about cannabis, you may find that THC and CBD are mentioned in the same breath. THC, of course, is the most common compound found in cannabis plants and is responsible for the feelings of being baked or stoned, while CBD is the second most common and is known for its medicinal properties.

As of this writing, THC use still isn’t legal across the country. CBD, on the other hand, which is derived from hemp, is already legal at the federal level. This is thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill stating that hemp and its derivatives (CBD included) are not considered drugs unless they contain 0.3% THC content.

While we’re holding out hope for THC’s redemption in the near future, many cannabis fans, most especially those who use marijuana more for its health benefits than for fun, are already enjoying the bit of freedom that legal CBD can give them. Proof of that is the surge of various CBD-infused products that are readily available almost anywhere in the country.

CBD edibles can be anything from gummies to cookies, but one lesser-known CBD-infused product is the CBD-infused beverage.

Now just because CBD drinks aren’t as popular as the other solid edibles doesn’t mean they’re not good. On the contrary, they’re so amazing. In this blog, we’ll tell you why.

The Rise of CBD-Infused Beverages

Imagine your local bar on a weekend night, but instead of loud drunks and people who’ve passed out after having one too many drinks, it’s filled with people who are high out of their minds having intelligent conversations about the not-so known facets of life. In their hands are their THC-infused drinks. 

That’s the dream, right? For now, that’s all it is, a dream. Because again, THC still isn’t federally legal and it’d be non-feasible to build up a market that will only apply to some states. However, with the legalization trend that the U.S. is seeing, it might not be at all impossible. In fact, there is already a foreseeable boom in cannabis-infused drinks. CBD has already made a head start.

By 2025, cannabis beverages are forecasted to be worth $2.8 billion, and CBD-beverages are expected to be the fastest-growing segment.

What Makes CBD-Infused Beverages So Charming?

CBD beverages are a way to enjoy something sweet and drinkable without the risk of ruining your diet. CBD is a proven effective treatment for seizures, and it has also been said that CBD can reduce stress and pain as well as promote sleep. Many people have begun using CBD every day to combat those who are affected by a similar condition. CBD-infused drinks make the process easier, more refreshing, and a tad bit more fun.

With the apparent legalization and rise of CBD-infused products, recreational drinking can be enjoyed not just through alcoholic beverages, but also through CBD-infused drinks. It can be an exceptionally healthy alternative to alcohol and even to other organic drinks.

Another undeniable advantage is that there is now more variety when it comes to choosing CBD products.


10 of the Best CBD-Infused Beverages to Try Today

The top cannabis drinks to try right now? It sounds like you might be in luck! Here’s a list of the top CBD-infused drinks today:

  1. CBD Spirit Raspberry Lemonade

This CBD Raspberry Lemonade by Mobius is CBD plus all the refreshing goodness of the childhood summer drink paired with an invigorating raspberry kick. Perfect for a day of rejuvenation!

  1. CBD Orange Cream Soda

What better way to cool down on a hot summer day than by sipping an ice cold Orange Cream Soda with a kick? Mojo’s newest creation is perfect for maintaining your chill, and it will also keep you calm. With its refreshing citrus flavors, this special drink is the ideal cocktail of refreshment!

  1. CBD Huckleberry Lemonade

Ray’s Infused Lemonade in the CBD Huckleberry variety offers a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio for a perfectly relaxing experience you’ll enjoy for hours. Take a few sips and immediately become your best self!

  1. Summer Peach 1:1

What’s better than a delicious summer peach drink? One that’s sparkling and infused with THC and CBD! Grab a bottle of this delightful cannabis beverage by Wild Side that’s full of antioxidants and electrolytes to keep you going!

  1. CBD Happy Apple

Take a sip of this infused beverage from Happy Apple, and the world will seem instantly brighter! The apples are grown at an organic farm with clean air and water, giving them their unique taste profile that could only get better with a balanced infusion of THC and CBD.

There are a lot more THC or CBD (or both!) beverages out there but we think you should try these first! Have a look at other options by going to Higher Leaf’s Bellevue and Kirkland stores or look them up online if you’re looking for a little more convenience!

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