Cannabis concentrate live resin (extracted from medical marijuana) on a dabbing tool

The 411 on 420 Concentrates

Whether you’re a long-time fan of flower or you’ve branched out into convenient edibles and tinctures that give you optimal control over intake, you may be interested in new ways to make the most of your cannabis experience. One great option for anyone looking to get the most bang for their buck is concentrates. Of course, even ... More

Fresh Dough Cannabis Flour.

5 common mistakes to avoid making when cooking with marijuana

Cooking with cannabis is wildly popular these days for an array of reasons but results are different for everyone, especially given mistakes commonly made in the cooking stages. You don’t benefit from the THC or CBD components in cannabis just by tossing some fresh cut flowers on top of a meal; leave that to basil and parsley. Legions of ... More

Vape Pens available in Bellevue, WA

A Smoking Pen

You’ve seen them. They’re becoming ubiquitous. Sports events, concerts, bars, the designated smoking area outside your office, even your aunt’s house. If you don’t use portable vape cartridges, chances are you probably have a friend, family member, or know someone who does. Portable cannabis vaporizer cartridges are without a ... More

shaggy tries to avoid the munchies by eating a big sandwich

3 Easy Tips for Avoiding the Munchies

Knowing how to stop the munchies is important if you're trying to stay healthy or making efforts to avoid weight gain. How many times have you smoked and found yourself downing a bag of chips in a single sitting, only to regret it later? It’s very common to have an insatiable appetite after smoking marijuana, which is why it’s used as ... More

Canna Butter Recipe

Canna Butter Recipe

I've recently had a lot of our customers ask about edibles that are stronger than what we have to offer. I have come up with a quick solution to help make some potent canna butter from products we carry. The entire process takes only 40 minutes from start to finish. What you will need for this canna butter recipe:  Grill tongs A ... More


Don’t Strain On Classifications

When it comes to cannabis and knowing how it will affect you, you may have heard that “it is all about the strain”. There’s Indicas, Sativas, hybrids that have more Indica than Sativa, and hybrids that have more Sativa and Indica; not to mention there are multiple brands in each category to choose from. So how do you know which one to ... More