Cannagars – Weed Cigar Review

If you’re a cannabis user, then chances are you’ve smoked out of a bong or pipe. But have you ever thought about smoking weed wrapped in a cigar? Cannabis cigars, also known as cannagars, are becoming more and more popular with the rise in legalization. These wax-filled cigars offer an alternative to joints and pipes for those who want to smoke on the go. 

Let’s have a look at arguably the best—and definitely, the most luxurious—cannagar in the market today: Leira’s Garlic Cookies 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar.

When you’re looking for the best smoke up in town, look no further than this lush pre-rolled cannagar. Light it up with your friends to make a night out really stand out!

Though it’s worth every buck, it is pretty costly. We’re providing you with an in-depth review of this 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar so you don’t have to jump at something you’re not entirely sure of—yet!

But don’t feel bad, it’s only normal (and right) that you would look it up first. After all, the question of whether or not it’s worth it to spend that much money should be mulled over for hours, if not days. After all, Leira’s 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar is one that’s sought by the biggest—and most affluent—names in the entertainment, sports, and cannabis industries, so it’s not exactly the easiest to lay hands on for the average stoner.

If you stick around until the end, we’re telling you where you could score yourself one of these posh cannagars in Washington State!


The Basics: What is a Weed Cigar?

Weed or cannabis cigars, also known as cigarillos or blunts, are just the next step in smoking weed. They’re essentially large joints (at times jokingly referred to as “joints on steroids”) packed with THC-rich cannabis flower and generally rolled up inside a wrap of tobacco paper.

The wrappers come in all sorts of flavors like vanilla and chocolate, but it’s important to choose wisely because they’ll be what you taste for hours after you’ve smoked it!

The 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar, therefore, will leave you feeling majestic for a good chunk of your day.


How Does the 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar Look Like?

Imagine a smooth, gold leaf wrapped cigar that glitters in the light. Now imagine your favorite flavor of weed on top of it!

Leira’s 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar is a sight to behold. The gold wrapping makes it seem as though this cigar was made of pure ethereal beauty and the utmost luxury, but the reality of it is equally as amazing: these cannagars are hand-rolled by the experts. That’s 12 grams of pure top shelf flowers, wrapped in real 24k gold leaves.

It’s almost too beautiful to smoke, but don’t worry, because you get about five minutes before that delicious smell wafts up from your fingers even after handling it with care!

A single cannagar looks to be three times as fat as the common blunt. Those who have tried it have reported a ridiculously long smoke time, with the cannabis cigar being passed around and barely shrinking. A joint would have been finished by this point but there still looked like plenty left for them—and then some!

It also comes as no surprise that Leira’s 24K Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar is so highly coveted by the moneyed folk: Cigars are commonly associated with being fancy and cool. Whether you’re lazing around after the backyard BBQ or all strapped up for a wedding, nothing says “cooler than thou” better than an expertly rolled cannabis cigar to spark up and enjoy.


How Do You Use the 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar?

You’re no newbie. You know how to work a cannabis cigar, regardless of how high-end or ritzy. Still, we want to help you make sure you’re getting the full experience of lighting up a 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar. So take the following steps as a quick refresher, if you will. Or if you’re genuinely curious about the best way to smoke it, well, it’s our pleasure!

  1. Make sure that your mouth is not too close when lighting up and inhaling as this can cause burns on your lips or tongue. It’s important to take care of those types of things because it doesn’t matter if you’re using high quality weed for smoking purposes: pain that’s unnecessary and completely avoidable might take away from the fun.

As you light the weed cigar, your fingers will be that much more sensitive to feel any uneven rolling or burning of it. The flame is usually what differentiates a good smoker from a bad one in terms of how they roll and smoke their weed for best results.

Light your cannagar the same way a campfire is lit. First, point the lighter at one end of it as you roll it in circular motion with your fingers to light up all parts evenly, as opposed to lighting up only halfway through like most people do. That leaves you with none of the ash that comes with bad burns.

  1. Don’t forget about all the other great parts of this experience––holding in that sweet smelling smoke while rolling around at ease only adds an extra layer onto what already feels so good (you know).
  2. Set out with friends who are also giddy to smoke such a classy cannabis cigar… or not! You can spend all day alone on your couch, grabbing the cannagar whenever you want to start another flight, or stash it for another day!

Really, it’s ripping either way so you don’t need to worry about how to best enjoy it.

Now, don’t be intimidated just because we deemed it necessary to provide you with instructions like you’re five. Smoking a cannabis cigar is actually a lot smoother and easier than you might think.

The secret lies in the way Leira rolls their weed cigars: with a skewer in the middle. The resulting tiny hole stretching through the cannagar’s whole length allows for a slow, steady burn and drags that are smooth from start to finish—not just when you’re finally almost done smoking it!


What Makes Leira’s 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar So Amazing?

Through their partnership with Gold Leaf Gardens, Leira’s goal to provide connoisseurs a world class cannabis cigars unrivaled in quality is now being achieved. The plants are grown using hand-crafted soils amended with natural teas, beneficial, and nutrients that maximize microbial life.

In other words, these plants have fully expressed their genetic potential by producing award-winning flowers which produce an exquisite flavor and smell, as well as delivering a potent effect for users of any experience level looking to achieve new highs.

As you may have probably guessed, cannagars are not your run-of-the-mill cannabis products. A lot of work goes into each batch of these luxurious weed cigars so you know the price, though expensive, is truly worth it.

Here’s a glimpse into what each part of the cannagar goes through to reach its end-result of pure grandeur:

    • Leaves – A well practiced eye scans the garden for leaves with few imperfections. The most flawless of these are then set to cure.
  • Cores – The buds are carefully grown and handled by the best growers in our region, ensuring a high-quality product.

Only flowers that have been sourced from local gardens go into each core to produce an unparalleled taste experience for you.

  • Curing – The chosen leaves are carefully wrapped around the core and then set to cure for no less than a month.


What are the Effects of the 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar?

Smoking the cannabis wrapped in a gold leaf is sure to make you feel like royalty, but will it get you high?

Yes, it does, and it’s a beautiful high at that. Its flight time swings between two and three hours. Wrapping buds up in 24k Gold Leaf not only makes them more aesthetically pleasing than ever before but also increases potency by preserving cannabinoids which would otherwise oxidize over time when exposed to oxygen through an airtight seal created from this gold wrapping technique.

Ultimately, though, the actual effect one may feel when smoking a cannagar is highly dependent on which strain of weed was rolled in it. A person may be feeling relaxed, creative, or energized with one strain and tired or paranoid after another day’s use. It comes down to what type you’re going for in your smoke session: indica vs sativa?

In this particular review, we’re talking about the Garlic Cookies 24k Gold Cannagar, as it’s a strain that’s an easy favorite for those seeking a sweet mix of euphoria and body high. With its high THC content (averaging at 26%), it’s the perfect strain to go inside a fat roll of gold leaf-wrapped weed cigar.


Why Should You Take the Time to Try Smoking a Weed Cigar?

A lot of people who visit states where cannabis is legal have the misconception that you can only smoke weed from a joint or bong. It’s true, those are great ways to consume marijuana but there are also other options out there like using a dab rig and smoking CBD oil in cartridges with your vape pen. But one way we don’t see very often is by using the much cooler and smoother weed cigars.

Aside from the fact that you’ll look instantly cooler with a cigar in hand, its portability and ease-of-use are two of its best charms. Like we discussed earlier, the 24K Gold Cannagar by Leira is manufactured in a way that adds to both the smoothness of the smoking experience and potency of the strain, so definitely give it a go.

Leira cannagars are the life of any party and for those lucky enough to own one, it is considered a true luxury. They have been crafted by some very meticulous people who pay great attention to detail which grants them an air of sophistication that cannot be found in other cannabis products on the market today.

Leira’s 24k Gold Leaf Gilded Cannagar has all the perks you could want from a nice joint: not only will everyone love this piece but they’ll also get something out of your experience as well—gold combusts at higher temperatures than regular old pot so no need for matches or fire!

Plus when you’re done enjoying yourself, there is always extra flair left over. It wouldn’t hurt to show off once in a while: brag about the gold ash to your friends or even offer them as gifts to get that extra fun.


Where Can I Get Leira’s Garlic Cookies 24k Gold Cannagar in Washington State?

Have we helped you decide to grab a cannagar and try the awesomeness for yourself? Are you now wondering where to go to get yourself a fix? You’re in luck: we know just the right place.

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